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Pine Lake Preparatory is a charter school located in Mooresville, North Carolina, educating students in grades k-12

PLP has Elementary, Middle, and Upper schools on the same campus. PLP was founded in 2006 and started with Kindergarten, first, and second grades, and in 2007 began building for all thirteen grades (K-12) and started their first year with only 12 grades (K-11) and 1300 students in 2008.[1]

PLP has a Head of Schools (Head of school is Chris Terrill) over all the schools, who in charge of all school related-events such as field trips, etc., and a Head of School for each school in charge of student behavior. The school has a rotating PRIDE schedule,[2] with seven 50-minute classes, with the P schedule on Monday, the R schedule on Tuesday, etc.

PLP has five fine arts in Upper and Middle School to choose from (strings, band, art, theatre, and chorus). Now, the school has a Fine Arts Building: Where all the Middle and Upper School students can do their fine art class in. Students also must take a Spanish class every year.

There is also an Athletic Community Center (ACC): Where all the students can do P.E. and have home sports games.

Each student has their own PowerSchool account where teachers post homework, grades, and what the students will be doing in each class.


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