Pine Tree (album)

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상록수 (Pine Tree)
Studio album by Kangta
Released August 21, 2002
Genre K-pop, R&B
Language Korean
Label SM Entertainment
Producer Lee Soo Man
Kangta chronology
Pine Tree
1st Concert Pinetree: 20020824 Live

Pine Tree is an album in 2002 by Kangta. This is Kangta's second solo album. This album has more of a jazz/funk feel.

Track listing[edit]

  1. 햇살 (Spring)
  2. Happy Happy
  3. 사랑은 기억보다 (Memories #1)
  4. Propose
  5. 바다 (Summer)
  6. 고백 (Confession)
  7. The Best
  8. 노을 (Autumn)
  9. 추억은 기억보다 (Memories #2)
  10. Flower
  11. 2032 In Cuba
  12. 눈 (Winter)
  13. 야상곡 (Nocturne)
  14. 이별 후에는 (One Snowing Day)
  15. 상록수 (Pine Tree)

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