Pinggu District

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Pinggu District in Beijing
Pinggu District in Beijing
Coordinates: 40°8′32″N 177°6′4″E / 40.14222°N 177.10111°E / 40.14222; 177.10111
Country People's Republic of China
Municipality Beijing
Township-level divisions 2 subdistricts
15 towns
1 township
 • Total 950 km2 (370 sq mi)
Population (2000)
 • Total 396,701
 • Density 420/km2 (1,100/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal code 101200
Area code(s) 0010

Pinggu District (simplified Chinese: 平谷区; traditional Chinese: 平谷區; pinyin: Pínggǔ Qū), formerly Pinggu County (平谷县), lies at the extreme eastern end of Beijing Municipality, and borders Tianjin's Ji County. It has an area of 950 square kilometres (370 sq mi) and a population of 396,701 (2000 Census). The district is subdivided into 2 subdistricts, 14 towns, and 2 townships.

Administrative divisions[edit]

There are 2 subdistricts, 15 towns, and 2 townships in the district:[1]




  • Yuyang / Pinggu Town (渔阳地区 / 平谷镇), Yukou (峪口地区(镇)), Mafang (马坊地区(镇)), Jinhaihu (金海湖地区(镇))

Normal: Donggaocun (东高村镇), Shandongzhuang (山东庄镇), Nandulehe (南独乐河镇), Dahuashan (大华山镇), Xiagezhuang (夏各庄镇), Machangying (马昌营镇), Wangxinzhuang (王辛庄镇), Daxingzhuang (大兴庄镇), Liujiadian (刘家店镇), Zhenluoying (镇罗营镇)



The urban area of Pinggu (90,457 in township) has an estimated area from the Google Earth image of 11.5 km2 (4.4 sq mi) and an estimated population of 70,000.[1]

As of August, 2004, it is the only district or county not linked by an expressway, either existing or under construction. However, plans reveal that an expressway to Pinggu and ultimately to Tianjin (the projected Jingping Expressway) may be coming soon. (More on this in Expressways of Beijing).

Pinggu District was formerly Pinggu County until 2001.

Its postal code number is 101200.

Pinggu district prides itself on the cultivation of the peach.

Sister cities[edit]


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