Pinglin District

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Pinglin District in New Taipei City
Pinglin District
Tea plantation in Pinglin District.

Pinglin District (a.k.a. Ping-Lin, Chinese: 坪林區; pinyin: Pínglín Qū; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Phiâⁿ-lîm-khu) is a rural district of southeastern New Taipei City, Taiwan. It is the third-largest district of New Taipei City and it is located in the mountain area connecting to Yilan County on the east coast.


Pinglin is part of the water district of the greater Taipei area as the Feicui Dam is located in the neighboring Shiding District, so land development is restricted. Pinglin is most known for producing pouchong tea. The Pinglin Tea Museum is the world's largest tea museum.[1] Over 80% of its residents are tea growers or are involved in the tea business.[2]


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  • National Highway No. 5, called Beiyi or the Chiang Weishui Freeway.
  • Tai 9 line, named the Beiyi Highway.

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