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Pingtang County (Chinese: ; pinyin: Píngtáng Xiàn) is a county in the Qiannan Buyei and Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Guizhou, in southwest China. It is a high mountain valley and is inhabited mainly by members of the Buyei and Miao ethnic minorities, who together make up 55% of the county's population.[1]

The county's area is 2,816 square km and in 2002 its population was approximately 300,000. The county's government is based in the town of Pinghu.

In June 2002, a 270 million-year-old stone called Hidden character stone inscribed with six Chinese characters, reading "中国共产党亡" ("the Communist Party of China Perish") was discovered at the Zhangbu Scenic Spot in Zhangbu village (掌布乡).[2][3]

The Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope will be located here.

Towns and townships[edit]

The towns and townships under the jurisdiction of Pingtang County include:


  • Pinghu (平湖镇; pinyin: Pínghú zhèn)
  • 摆茹镇 (pinyin: zhèn)
  • 通州镇 (pinyin: zhèn)
  • Yazhou (牙舟镇; pinyin: Yázhōu zhèn)
  • 大塘镇 (pinyin: zhèn)
  • Kedu (克度镇; pinyin: Kèdù zhèn)
  • Tangbian (塘边镇; pinyin: Tángbiān zhèn)
  • 者密镇和四寨镇 (pinyin: zhèn)


  • 白龙乡 (pinyin: xiāng)
  • Xintang (新塘乡; pinyin: Xīntáng xiāng)
  • 卡蒲毛南族乡 (pinyin: xiāng)
  • 西凉乡 (pinyin: xiāng)
  • 卡罗乡 (pinyin: xiāng)
  • Gudong (谷洞乡; pinyin: Gǔdòng xiāng)
  • Zhangbu (掌布乡; pinyin: Zhǎngbù xiāng)
  • Shuchang (鼠场乡; pinyin: Shǔcháng xiāng)
  • 甘寨乡和苗二河乡 (pinyin: xiāng)


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