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The Pingtung Line (Chinese: 屏東線; pinyin: Píngdōng Xiàn) is a line of the Taiwan Railway Administration. It is 61.3 km long, of which 20.9 km is double track.[1]


This railroad was completed in 1941. It is electrified (25KV) with two tracks from Kaohsiung to Pingtung. Most trains start or end from Kaohsiung, Pingtung stations.


Western Line, Taiwan
km Station
Connecting to the Western Line
0.0 Kaohsiung
5.8 Fengshan
9.5 Houzhuang
13.8 Jiuqutang
Kaohsiung City - Pingtung County border
18.8 Liukuaicuo
21.0 Pingtung
23.6 Guilai
25.9 Linluo
28.3 Xishi
32.0 Zhutian
36.1 Chaozhou
40.9 Kanding
43.3 Nanzhou
46.9 Zhen'an
50.1 Linbian
54.1 Jiadong
57.2 Donghai
61.3 Fangliao
Connecting to the South-Link Line
Station Name Transfers and Notes Location
Hanyu Tongyong Chinese
Kaohsiung 高雄 → Connecting to the Western Line
AB-Kreuz.svgKMRT Red Line: R11 Kaohsiung Main Station
AB-Kreuz.svg Taiwan High Speed Rail: Kaohsiung (planned)
Sanmin District Kaohsiung City
Fengshan Fongshan 鳳山 AB-Kreuz.svgKMRT Orange Line: O12 Fongshan (exterior) Fengshan District
Houzhuang Houjhuang 後庄 Daliao District
Jiuqutang Jioucyutang 九區堂 Dashu District
Liukuaicuo Lioukuaicuo 六塊厝 Pingtung City Pingtung County
Pingtung 屏東
Guilai Gueilai 歸來
Linluo 麟洛 Linluo
Xishi Sishih 西勢 Zhutian
Zhutian Jhutian 竹田
Chaozhou Chaojhou 潮州 Chaozhou
Kanding 崁頂 Kanding
Nanzhou Nanjhou 南州 Nanzhou
Zhen'an Jhen-an 鎮安 → Connecting to the Donggang Line (formerly) Linbian
Linbian 林邊
Jiadong 佳冬 Jiadong
Donghai 東海 Fangliao
Fangliao 枋寮 → Connecting to the South-Link Line

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