Pink Decade

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Pink Decade in Malayalam Poetry - Is the term used by some literary critics to describe the period in Malayalam literature (roughly the late 40s and early 50s) in which a brigade of young poets inspired by the ideals of scientific socialism and Marxist world view were active in creating ‘revolutionary’ poetry.

The term Pink Decade is to be taken as a figurative epithet rather than in its literal sense because these poets or their works cannot be confined within the span of a single decade.

Some poets belonging to this period are P. Bhaskaran, Vayalar Ramavarma. Thirunalloor Karunakaran, O N V Kurup, Punaloor Balan and Puthussery Ramachandran.

Though these writers initially shared some characteristics in common like a romantic vision of a classless society, a simple style directly addressing the masses and themes picked from the daily life of the common man, they later developed distinct poetic identities of their own.