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Pioneer Senshi (Japanese for "Pioneer Soldier" or "Pioneer Warrior") was the first-ever independent promotion in Japanese wrestling history. It was established on November 11, 1988 by former AJPW wrestlers Ryuma Go, Apollo Sugawara and Masahiko Takasugi.

Pioneer Senshi's debut show took place on April 30, 1989 at Tokyo Korakuen Hall, in front of 1,600 fans. Due to its limited roster, the promotion would enlist the services of established NJPW wrestlers such as Tatsumi Fujinami, Jushin "Thunder" Liger, Riki Chōshū and Kensuke Sasaki, as well as Atsushi Onita. Also, Akitoshi Saito and Kintaro Kanemura made their pro wrestling debuts against one another in Pioneer Senshi, on December 20, 1990.

However, the promotion folded a short time afterwards due to lack of funds as well as steep competition by the upstart FMW. Go, Sugawara and Takasugi migrated to Super World of Sports, and most of the roster found work in various other independent promotions such as W*ING.

Go and Takasugi would go on to establish Oriental Pro Wrestling on July 26, 1992, but the promotion would only survive 4 months before closing its doors.