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Pippo is the diminutive of the Italian name Filippo (less frequently Giuseppe[1]) and it may refer to:

  • Pippo Barzizza, Italian Maestro and composer
  • Pippo Baudo, Italian television presenter
  • Pippo Caruso, Italian composer, conductor and music arranger
  • Pippo Fava, Sicilian writer, investigative journalist, playwright and Antimafia activist who was killed by the Mafia
  • Pippo Franco, Italian actor, comedian, television presenter and singer
  • Pippo Inzaghi, Italian former football player
  • Pippo Maniero, Italian former football player
  • Pippo Pollina, Italian singer-songwriter
  • Pippo Pozzato, Italian road racing cyclist
  • Pippo Psaila, former Malta national football team coach and current Director of Sports of the Malta Olympic Committee
  • Pippo Tesauro, Italian painter of the Renaissance period
  • Pippo Torri, Lombard far-left politician
  • Pippo Starck, German former football player and actor in an ikea ad.



  1. ^ As short for Giuseppe, Pippo is most commonly used in Sicily and it comes from a variant of Peppo (itself a variant of Peppe).