Piráti Chomutov

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Piráti Chomutov
City Chomutov, Czech Republic
League First National Hockey League
Founded 1945 (1945)
Home arena SD aréna


Head coach Czech Republic Břetislav Kopřiva

Piráti Chomutov is a Czech ice hockey team from Chomutov, Czech Republic. During the 2012–13 and 2013-14 seasons Piráti Chomutov played in the Czech Extraliga, the top-level league in the Czech Republic. Since the 2014-15 season Piráti Chomutov are back to the First National Hockey League Their home arena is the SD aréna.

The club was established in 1945. In the 1950/1951 season Piráti Chomutov were promoted to the Czechoslovak First Ice Hockey League, where they played until the 1963/1964 season. In 1967 the team was promoted to the highest league again but was relegated the very next year. In 1984 the club was demoted to the Second National Hockey League (third level league). In 1997 the club bought the license for the First National Hockey League (FNHL) from HC Slovan Ústečtí Lvi.

After winning the league in the 2011–12 FNHL season Piráti Chomutov returned to the top-level league Czech Extraliga. During the play-outs in the 2013-14 season Piráti Chomutov lost and returned to the First National Hockey League. Season 2014/2015 in FNHL was one of the most successful in history. Pirati Chomutov became a winner and after play off returned to the top-level league (season 2015/2016).

Club names[edit]

  • 1945 - ČSK Chomutov
  • 1949 - ZJS spojené ocelárny
  • 1951 - Sokol Hutě
  • 1953 - TJ Baník Chomutov ZJF
  • 1958 - Baník VTŽ Chomutov
  • 1960 - VTŽ Chomutov
  • 1991 - Klub ledního hokeje VT VTJ Chomutov
  • 1996 - KLH Chomutov
  • 2011 - Piráti Chomutov

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