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Syed Ali Shah 'Pirbaba'
پیر بابا
Syed Ali Shah 'Pirbaba' is located in Pakistan
Syed Ali Shah 'Pirbaba'
Syed Ali Shah 'Pirbaba'
Coordinates: 34°35′48″N 72°27′17″E / 34.5967766°N 72.4546945°E / 34.5967766; 72.4546945
Country  Pakistan
Province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
Website http://www.pirbaba.org

'Hazrat Pir Baba (Pashto: پیر بابا (1431‎) -was a Sufi spiritual saint of the North-West Frontier of medieval India (now Pakistan)[citation needed]. His real name was Syed Ali Shah and he was supposedly affiliated to the Silsilas (Tariqats/Orders) of both the Kubrawiya and the Chishti-Nizami branch of the Chishtiyyah[citation needed]. He was born in 1431 AD and died in 1502 AD/CE[citation needed].

Pir Baba's grave and shrine is in Bacha Killay village in the mountainous Buner District of present Khyber Pakhtunkhwa[citation needed].

Urs Mubarak[edit]

The annual Urs or Pilgrimage of Hazrat Pir Baba is celebrated from 24th to 26th Rajab of the Islamic calendar month every year in Buner. People come from all over and participate in this holy occasion for some days.


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