Pirate Party of Greece

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Pirate Party of Greece
Leader Has no leader, but a management board.
Founded January 14, 2012 (2012-01-14)[1]
Headquarters Athens
Membership 22 members paid their annual subscription for 2015, and they are allowed to vote and decide about party's policies.[2]
Ideology Pirate politics,
Direct Democracy
International affiliation Pirate Parties International
European affiliation European Pirate Party
Politics of Greece
Political parties

The Pirate Party of Greece (Greek: Κόμμα Πειρατών Ελλάδας) is a political party in Greece. Based on the model of the Swedish Pirate Party, it supports reform of copyright law, the abolition of patents, and respect for privacy.[3]

The party was founded on 14 January 2012. It was officially recognised on 10 February 2012, and had 480 members on that date.[4] As of 2015, the party counts 22 members.

The Pirate Party of Greece is a full member of Pirate Parties International.[5]

The Greek Pirate Party supports decision making via Liquid Feedback. Direct Democracy has been removed from party's major principles.

May/June Legislative Elections 2012[edit]

On 6 May Greek legislative election, 2012 the party managed to present candidates in 31 of the 56 constituencies and secured 0.51% (32,484) of the total votes.[6] Out of 32 parties, the Pirate Party came 19th. In the June 2012 election the party received 0.23% of the vote (14,169), coming 14th out of 21 parties.[7]

European Elections 2014[edit]

On 25 May 2014 the party participated in the European elections in a coalition with Ecologist Greens. The coalition received 0,90% (51.573) of the vote.[8] Noted that Ecologist Greens (standalone with no coalition and before their breakup in two separate parties) received in the May 2012 election 2,93% (185.366) of the vote, and in the June 2012 election 0.88% (54.420) of the vote. Their second half, Prasinoi participated separately in the European elections and received 0.50% (28,460 votes).


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