Pirate Playlist

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Pirate Playlist
Studio album by The Times
Released 1999
Genre Post punk, Indie
Label Creation Records
The Times chronology
Sad But True
Pirate Playlist

Pirate Playlist is the 14th album by West London post punk and indie band The Times released in 1999.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Kill The Playlist
  2. Liam Gallagher Our Leader
  3. I Hate Ibiza
  4. 66 Extra Shows Added
  5. 3 Pages In Record Collector
  6. Heroin Music
  7. The Rise And Rise Of My Ex-Wife
  8. Psychedelic Lunchboxes
  9. Opinionated Pop Svengali
  10. Song For Larry Clark
  11. Aor To Metal
  12. The Real Theatre Of Dreams
  13. 34,323 Melody Maker Circulation Figure