Pires do Rio Microregion

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Location of the Pires do Rio microregion in the state of Goiás

The Pires do Rio Microregion is a statistical region of south-central Goiás state, Brazil. The most important city is Pires do Rio. The area includes 10 cities with a population of 90,327 (2007) in an area of 9,449.80 km². The population density was 9.56 inhab/km² (2007).

The most populous municipality in the region is Pires do Rio with 26,857 inhabitants and the least populous is Palmelo with 2,260 inhabitants.

The largest municipality in land area is Silvânia with 2,860.1 km² and the smallest is Palmelo with 59 km². Palmelo is the smallest municipality in the state of Goiás.

For a map of this region see citybrazil.com

Cities in the Pires do Rio Microregion[edit]

Name Population (2007)
Cristianópolis 3,041
Gameleira de Goiás 2,782
Orizona 13.440
Palmelo 2,426
Pires do Rio 28,796
Santa Cruz de Goiás 3,601
São Miguel do Passa Quatro 3,895
Silvânia 19,022
Urutaí 2,727
Vianópolis 12,187

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