Pistol model 2000

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Pistol model 2000
Pistol Md. 2000 BSDA 2010.jpg
Pistol model 2000
Type Semi-automatic pistol
Place of origin  Romania
Service history
Used by Romanian military
Production history
Designer ROMARM (IMI for the original Baby Eagle)
Manufacturer Uzinele Mecanice Cugir (ARMS Arsenal, Cugir)
Produced 2000–present
Weight 900 g (32 oz)
Length 206.5 mm (8.13 in)
Barrel length 112 mm (4.4 in)

Cartridge 9x19mm Parabellum
Action double/ single action
Feed system Detachable 15 round box magazine
Sights mechanical; fore, blade; rear, fixed notch

The Pistol model 2000 (also md. 2000) is a semi-automatic pistol designed and manufactured by RomArm via the Cugir Arsenal of Romania. The pistol, chambered in 9x19mm Luger is an almost identical copy of the Magnum Research Jericho 941 (Baby Eagle). The pistol is the standard sidearm of the Romanian Army.