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Pitafi (پتافي) originally the descendants of Hazrat Ameer Hamza, a branch of Balouch tribes are mostly living in District Ghotki, Sindh, Tando Allahyar, Sindh, Khairpur Mir's, Sindh, Rajanpur, Punjab, Muzafar Garh, Punjab, Dera Ismail Khan, NWFP and are scattered in other parts of Pakistan.

It is said that Pitafi tribe was living near Petaf river in Iranian Balochistan, and were known by the people as "petafi", which means the people living at Petaf. Centuries ago some of them travelled to Balochistan (Pakistan) and then moved to Punjab and then entered Sindh. The chief of Pitafi tribe Sardar Gul Muhammad Khan (Awal) was the General of their tribal army. He was supporting Abbasis of Bahawalpur State.

At one stage some of Baloch tribes opposed Abbasi Kingdom, then there was no way to overcome the situation, so Abbasis asked Mughals to send their army add to crush baloch armed tribes. In that situation most of Balochi Generals migrated to various parts of Sindh during Talpurs era.

Before entering the Sindh, Sardar Gul Muhammad Khan met the Talpur King, asking him to allow his army to settle in Sindh who allowed them to come and settle wherever they felt comfortable. He selected the area of Mirpur Mathelo.

Sardar Mir Ahmed Ali Khan Pitafi is the Head of Pitafi Tribe (He lives in village Kinjhar near Mirpur Mathelo, District Ghotki, Pakistan) He is also an MPA in the Sindh Assembly along with another MPA from Tando Allah Yar Mr. Imdad Ali Pitafi. Head of the Tando Allah Yar Pitafi tribe is Rais Manzoor Khan Pitafi.

Other notables of this tribe are:-

As per some of the heart-to-heart references, it is said that one of the Pitafi's lords, Sardar Luda Khan Rohaila Pitafi, was a general in Abbasi army. His title was 'das-hazari' which means that he was honored to hold the command of 10,000 soldiers. The Pitafi's branch that lives in Muzafargarh and Jampur are the descendants of Sardar Luda Khan Ruhaila Pitafi. This branch still holds a good political position over their constituency and Ghazali Rahim Khan Pitafi is the former MPA in Punjab Assembly.

The other respectable names are Sardar Ahmad Khan Pitafi (late), Sardar Abul Reheem Khan Pitafi (late), Sardar Mir Abul Rehman Khan Pitafi (late), Twin-Sardars Sardar Mir Ghulam Ahmad Khan Pitafi (late), Sardar Mir Ghulam Muhammad Khan Pitafi (late), Sardar Mir Aziz Muhammad Khan Pitafi (late) and Sardar Mir Luda Khan II (late), Sardar Mir Qaim Ali Khan (Late), Sardar Mir Suno Khan Pitafi (Mirpur Mathelo).

Other notables from Punjab, Pakistan: -Sardar zafar khan pitafi (Late) S/O Allah Rakha khan pitafi of basti jarh shah jamal Muzaffar garh -Sardar Qaswer khan pitafi (Late) S/O Allah Rakha khan pitafi of basti jarh shah jamal Muzaffar garh -Sardar Akram khan Pitafi (Additional session judge) of basti jarh shah jamal Muzaffar garh -Sardar mureed Abbas Khan pitafi (civil judge) of basti jarh shah jamal Muzaffar garh Sardar Iftikhar Khan Pitafi of Basti Jarh Shah Jamal Muzaffar Garh. -Sardar Irfan Khan Pitafi of Basti Jarh Shah Jamal Muzaffar Garh. -Sardar Iqbal Khan pitafi (advocate) of waan pitafi Muzaffar garh -Sardar Irshad Khan pitafi (Maj Pak army) Waan Pitafi Muzaffar garh

Mir Nazeer ahmed pitafi security officer Dubai United Arab Emirates
 Mir Hafiz Ayaz Ali Pitafi ( teacher in madarsa sidique e akbar ( r.a ) madd dist khairpur mirs)

New Generation[edit]

The youth of Pitafi baloch tribe has acquired positive new thoughts in their lives. They are more eager towards higher education and obtaining degrees in the areas of Science, Technology and Business Administrations from local and international universities. They are passionate in playing a great positive role towards making Pakistan a lighting spot of Science & Technology.

Mr. Abdul Wali Pitafi ( Mechanical Engineer ) at Hyundai Engineering Company Mr. Nauman Aziz Pitafi (Sr. Software Engineer - United Software & Technologies Int. )