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Pitbullterje FilmPoster.jpeg
DVD Cover for "Pitbullterje".
Starring Petrus A. Christensen
Vetle Næss
Robert Lindahl Haug
Jørgen Foss
Charlotte Brodde
Rosa E.Bye
Kristin Skogheim
Andreas Cappelen
Atle Antonsen
Music by Kåre Vestrheim, Klovner i Kamp
Distributed by Paradox
Release date(s) November 4, 2005

Pitbullterje is a 2005 Norwegian comedy.


Jim is a 12 year old outsider. He has a mother with anxiety and he lives a hard life. At school he is smallest in his class, and compelled to buy beer and smoke and have party's in his garage. Home is different: He's the father of the house, and takes care of his mother, who has isolated herself in bed with a video of the moon landing on VHS. She's not going out of her house due to anxiety.

One day Terje (an overweight boy who claims to own a pit bull) starts in his class. He gets excluded from the class society, but he considers Jim as his best friend making him choose between an outsider friend and his poor social status.


The song "Et Juleevangelium" is by the Norwegian group Klovner i Kamp.

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