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For the language, see Potiguara language.
Antonio Pessoa Gomes, the "Caboquinho", chief of Potiguara Indians.
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Portuguese, Potiguara

The Potiguara (also Potyguara or Pitiguara) are a nation of indigenous people in Brazil. The Potiguara live in the state of Paraíba, in the municipalities of Marcação, Baía da Traição and Rio Tinto. Their population are 12000 Indians and occupied 26 villages at 3 reservations (Terras Indígenas): Potiguara, Jacaré de São Domingos e Potiguara de Monte-Mor. Their name Potiguara means "shrimp-eaters", from poty, "shrimp", and uara, "eater", according to Brazilian writer José de Alencar.[1]


According to José de Alencar, the Potiguara were allies of the Portuguese during Brazil's colonial period, especially during the Dutch invasion of Brazil.[2]


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