Pitsunda Cathedral

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Pitsunda Cathedral
ბიჭვინთის ტაძარი
Pitsunda Cathedral.jpg
Pitsunda Cathedral
Pitsunda Cathedral is located in Georgia (country)
Pitsunda Cathedral
Shown within Georgia
Basic information
Location Pitsunda, Gagra district,  Georgia/ Abkhazia [1]
Geographic coordinates 43°10′00″N 40°20′00″E / 43.166667°N 40.333333°E / 43.166667; 40.333333Coordinates: 43°10′00″N 40°20′00″E / 43.166667°N 40.333333°E / 43.166667; 40.333333
Affiliation Abkhazian Orthodox Church
Region Caucasus
District Gagra District
Status Active
Architectural description
Architectural type Triple-nave, domed cruciform plan
Architectural style Georgian; Cathedral
Funded by King Bagrat III of Georgia
Completed Early 10th century
Dome(s) 1

Pitsunda Cathedral (Georgian: ბიჭვინთის ტაძარი) is a Georgian Orthodox Cathedral located in Pitsunda, in the Gagra district of the de facto independent Republic of Abkhazia, internationally recognised to constitute a part of Georgia. The cathedral is currently used by the Abkhazian Orthodox Church and serves as that body's seat, although this usage is disputed by the Republic of Georgia and is considered irregular by the Eastern Orthodox communion.

Pitsunda Cathedral was built at the end of the 10th century by King Bagrat III of Georgia. It served as the seat of the Georgian Orthodox Catholicate of Abkhazia until the late 16th century when Abkhazia came under the Ottoman hegemony.

The cathedral contains vestiges of wall-painting from the 13th and the 16th centuries.



  1. ^ Abkhazia's status is disputed. It considers itself to be an independent state, but this is recognised by only a few other countries. The Georgian government and most of the world's other states consider Abkhazia de jure a part of Georgia's territory. In Georgia's official subdivision it is an autonomous republic, whose government sits in exile in Tbilisi.

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