Pittsburgh International Airport People Movers

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The Landside Terminal station of the People Mover system.

The Pittsburgh International Airport People Movers are two Bombardier Innovia APM 100[1] fully automated people movers at the Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) in Findlay Township, Pennsylvania approximately 20 miles (30 km) west of downtown Pittsburgh. They run in two parallel underground tunnels to connect the landside terminal with the airside terminal.


The people mover was designed and installed at a cost of $14 million by Adtranz North America of West Mifflin, PA (now Bombardier).[2] It began service upon the opening of the new Midfield Terminal on October 1, 1992.

To handle increasing passenger traffic, an $9.5 million project was undertaken in 1999.[3] Two cars total were added to the people mover system. One car was added to each train, turning each two-car train into a three-car train. The stations were expanded to accommodate the extra cars. The project also included refurbishing of the original cars.