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PICT (Formerly known as Pittsburgh Irish & Classical Theatre) was founded in 1996 by Andrew S. Paul and Stephanie Riso in Pittsburgh. PICT has, in 12 years emerged as a significant contributor to the cultural fabric of Pittsburgh with almost 2,000 loyal season subscribers, and annual attendance of over 23,000. A constituent member of Theatre Communications Group (TCG), PICT has garnered a yearly position on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's list of the city's Top 50 Cultural Forces. The organization's productions are consistently ranked among the year's best by the critics of the Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Pittsburgh City Paper. PICT was named Theatre of the Year-in both 2004 [1] and 2006 [2] by the critics of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Following the 2007 season, feature actor David Whalen was named the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's 24th theatrical Performer of the Year.[3]

PICT performs in the Stephen Foster Memorial building - a City of Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania state Historical Landmark located on Forbes Avenue on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh.

The building houses the Stephen Foster Memorial Museum, the Center for American Music, as well as two theatres: the 478-seat Charity Randall Theatre and 151-seat Henry Heymann Theatre.

Charity Randall Theatre

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