Piusa River

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Härma mäemine müür.JPG
Härma wall on Piusa
Origin Plaani Külajärv
Mouth Lake Pihkva
Basin countries Estonia, Russia
Length 109 km
Source elevation 244 m
Mouth elevation 30 m
Avg. discharge 5.5-6.0 m³/s
Basin area 796 km²

Piusa (Russian: Пиуза, Пимжа) is a river in Southeastern Estonia and, for the last 14 km before draining into Lake Pihkva, in Pskov Oblast, Russia. For a 17-km-long section near Pechory Piusa is the border river between Estonia and the Russian Federation.[1]

Piusa has the greatest drop of all Estonian rivers (214 meters).[2]


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Coordinates: 57°58′02″N 27°48′57″E / 57.96722°N 27.81583°E / 57.96722; 27.81583