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Pixel Chix are interactive electronic games based on teenage girls, and an associated franchise. They are very similar to Tamagotchi in that they have an LCD screen and controlling buttons, although they are larger. They were first released in 2005 by Mattel, forming an important part of their earnings that year.[1] Based in a miniature house, in the house there is a lounge, kitchen and dining area, with steps leading upstairs. There are four different types of houses; a pink one, a blue one, a purple one and a yellow one. There are also four different pixel girls in each house.

In the game, two or more houses can be connected, allowing the characters (the Pixel Chix) to visit one another.[2] These characters can be controlled in ways similar to other hand-held games, such as Tamagotchi. They can be told go out for a walk, watch television, eat a variety of foods, such as popcorn and hamburgers, and go to sleep. The more they are played with, the more options appear to the player; higher levels introduce different types of food, more outfits and more games to play. However; if they are ignored, they will decrease in skill level. Eventually, if ignored for too long, the game will "end" since the characters "leave" (The pixel friend saying "Hey, I thought you were my friend! Where have you been?" or making a "funny face" before she leaves). Although, they can come back by resetting the game using a mini screwdriver into a reset hole. Nevertheless, in the two Story house, no matter how long they are neglected, they still remain happy in your house with your level skills kept the same (Unless "DeBugged" by pressing the "Yes" button, the "Food" button and the "Go Out" button). The story is based and shown on the Internet of women living in an all-female college and fashionable poses, beginning with a house, then mate's connection and following with cars and babysitting. As of 2009, the toys were no longer sold. The Pixel Chix are all voiced by Tara Strong, except "Miss Sporty" who is voiced by Katherine Von Till.

In-game items[edit]


Clothes and outfits[edit]

Beauty items[edit]

(Only in 2 story version)


Level One:

  • Phone
  • TV
  • Room Decoration (Only in 2 Stories)

Level Two:

Level Three:

Level Four:

Level Five:


(Only in two story version)


A number of Pixel Chix accessories have been created, such as "Honky Tonk Hotel" which connect to the hotel . In the cars you can go to the mall, go to the mall, or do many different things (depending on the level of the Pixel Chix). The cars come in Brown, Polka Dots, and Red.

Also available is the Pixel Chix Lovin 2 Shop mall. Where the Pixel Chix can work, shop, play games, and take breaks at the mall. There are two different malls, a boutique/food court, and a pet shop/salon. Each mall has an LCD flip screen, allowing the Pixel Chix girl to change stores. They're able to connect to the houses, the cars, and other malls.

Another available accessory is the Pixel Chix 2 Story house. It is almost the exact replica of the original Pixel Chix, except that it has an upstairs bedroom. There, the Pixel Chix can put on make-up at the vanity, go to the bathroom, and much more. They come in dark and light pink, and are connectable to the cars, the malls, and other houses. In these houses, the Pixel Chix never leaves no matter how much you ignore it.

There is also Pixel Pets, the animal equivalent of Pixel Chix. Dogs and hamsters are available. Further connection options include a "roomies" house with 6 floors. There are also metallic Road Trippin' Cars and a glitter house. Also available is a babysitter house where the Pixel Chix looks after a baby girl. The red light flashes if something is wrong or needs attention.

Pixel Chix Secret Life of Pets is a similar game, but when inverted the pets start to have discos and follow other atypical quadruped pursuits.

Pixel Chix Roomies is more recent addition to the franchise.


The toy has an LCD screen display and is powered by three AAA alkaline batteries.[3]


There is an official website of Pixel Chix on Everythinggirl.com. There are games, such as "Monster Baby" and four mini games you can unlock, videos of TV commercials, t-shirt graphics, and more. Secret codes and a movie maker like Zimmer Twins.


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