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For the feature film adaptation, see Pixels (2015 film).
Pixels short film.jpg
Directed by Patrick Jean
Produced by Johnny Alves
Benjamin Darras
Written by Patrick Jean
Cinematography Matias Boucard
One More Production
Release dates
  • April 2010 (2010-04)
Running time
2 minutes
Country France

Pixels is a 2010 French animated short film written and directed by Patrick Jean. It is about an invasion of New York City by classic 8-bit video games, such as Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Tetris, Arkanoid, and others.

The film won the Annecy Crystal for Best Short Film at the 2011 Annecy International Animated Film Festival.[1]


A man walks over to a trashcan, and puts an 80's television by it, and leaves. A few seconds go by, then the TV turns on, and shows colored bars. An 8-bit picture of a bomb shows up and the simulated fuse runs out, causing the TV screen to shatter, releasing a cloud of pixels. The pixels head over to New York City, and start to head in random directions.

Space Invaders start to shoot down towards, resulting in one delivery truck and two taxies to degenerate into pixels.

A cloud of pixels then goes into a subway, eventually forming into Pac-Man and begins eating the subways, shown as dots on a screen.

Giant Tetris tiles then match up with floors of skyscrapers. One building gets a "Tetris" and the top comes down onto the building.

While the others do damage, Arkanoids come and hit the bricks off a bridge, resulting in it collapsing.

Donkey Kong then throws a barrel from the Empire State Building and flattens a traffic light as well as taking the top off of a fire hydrant, which water sprays in a pixelated fashion.

Frogger does not do damage, as he is crossing traffic.

A giant pixelated bomb is shown, and it explodes. Everything around it starts to turn to pixelated buildings, parks, traffic lights, and the Earth as well. The Earth is shown changing, and nothing is left except a giant pixel that is Earth. The last scene shows it rotating as it drifts away.

The end credits are shown as a high score list.

Feature film[edit]

Main article: Pixels (2015 film)

Columbia Pictures and Happy Madison Productions are developing a feature film based on the short film.[2] Tim Herlihy and Tim Dowling wrote the script,[3][4] which Chris Columbus will direct.[5] Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Josh Gad, Peter Dinklage, Brian Cox, Ashley Benson and Michelle Monaghan will star in the film.[6][7][8]

The feature film started principal photography in Toronto, Canada on June 2, 2014, using downtown streets decorated to resemble New York City.[9]


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