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Pixter is a children's electronic toy, created by Mattel and Fisher-Price, that can play a variety of games in the format of cartridges. Children can also draw pictures on the Pixter. Because of the toy's popularity, Mattel (through its Fisher-Price subsidiary) created the Pixter 2.0, Pixter Color, and Pixter Multimedia.




Dino Draw Unicorn Pink

Pixter 2.0[edit]

Pixter Plus[edit]

Pixter Color[edit]

Pixter Color is extremely similar to the original Pixter, but as the version title says, it is in color.

Pocket Pixter[edit]

Mini editions[edit]

  • Tuner Garage
  • Fashion
  • Extreme Sports
  • DinoRaptor

Pixter Multi-media system[edit]


Pixter, 2.0, Plus[edit]

  • Art Safari
  • Arcade
  • Story Composer
  • Action Art
  • Music Studio
  • Barbie: Fashion Show
  • On the Go Games
  • Dino Draw
  • Cool Wheels
  • Sports
  • Rescue Heroes: Mission Masters
  • Dinosaurs Adventure
  • Disney Fun
  • Learning Fun
  • Music Video
  • Toy Designer
  • Monster Shop
  • Rocket Power
  • Crazy Word Factory
  • SpongeBob
  • Enchanted Princess


Multimedia system[edit]

  • SpongeBob with Video
  • Monster Jam with Video
  • Winter X Games with Video
  • Walking Dinosaurs with Video
  • Dora with Video
  • Winx Club with Video

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