Piz Boè

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Piz Boè
Piz Boè from forcella Pordoi.jpg
Elevation 3,152 m (10,341 ft)
Prominence 939 m (3,081 ft)[1]
Location Dolomites, Italy
Coordinates 46°30′32″N 11°49′41″E / 46.50889°N 11.82806°E / 46.50889; 11.82806Coordinates: 46°30′32″N 11°49′41″E / 46.50889°N 11.82806°E / 46.50889; 11.82806

Piz Boè is the highest mountain of the Sella Group, a mountain-range in the Dolomites, Italy. It has an elevation of 3,152 metres (10,341 ft).

Located in the heart of the Dolomites, the mountain has a beautiful pyramid summit, and its popularity is increased as it thought of as the easiest 3000m summit to reach in the Dolomites, and can get overcrowded in the summer.[2] It lies just above the Passo Pordoi. Due to its location, most of the major Dolomiten peaks are visible from its summit.[3]

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