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For another type of farm with circular fields sometimes called "pizza farms", see central-pivot irrigation.

A pizza farm is an educational visitor attraction consisting of a small farm on a circular region of land partitioned into plots shaped like pizza wedges. The farm's segments produce ingredients that can be used in pizza, such as wheat for the crust, tomatoes or herbs, pork for pepperoni, dairy cows for cheese, and even trees for pizza oven firewood. Certain farms may even have access to coal or natural gas deposits that can be used as alternative pizza oven heating fuels. Many of the newer pizza farms are experimenting with alternative energy, such as installing wind turbines in the fields, to be more green. According to a 2005 article in USA Today, there are several such farms in the United States.

Specific pizza farms[edit]

The "R" Pizza Farm, a pizza farm near Dow, Illinois, has been the subject of multiple news stories.[1] [2]

The Cobb Ranch Pizza Farm near Fresno, California, established in 1991, is possibly the oldest pizza farm in the U.S.[citation needed]

The Pizza Farm UK near York is the first UK Pizza Farm.[citation needed]


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