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Unusual place names are names for cities, towns, and other regions which are considered non-ordinary in some manner. Examples would be place names that are also swear words, inadvertently humorous words, or highly charged words in another language, such as Fucking, Austria;[1] Hell, Norway;[1] Hell, Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands);[2] Dildo Island,[3] or Condom, Gers (France).[4][1]

Another example is names which are offensive, due to their no longer being acceptable, often through historic changes in what is tolerated.[5][6][7] There is no commonly defined measure for what makes a place name unusual, though unorthodox spelling or pronunciation, short or long names, and names derived from unusual sources, such as Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, are often seen as unusual, especially by people outside the culture which named them.

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