Planet of the Apes: The Fall

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Planet of the Apes: The Fall (2002) is a novel by William T. Quick that serves as a prequel to the Planet of the Apes film "re-imagining" by Tim Burton. A sequel to this novel, Colony, continued its story. Both novels tell the story of Semos, the savior worshiped by the apes of Burton's film.


As the crew of the space station Oberon search for their missing pilot Captain Leo Davidson, a time dilation storm pulls the station into its heart forcing the Oberon to crashland on an alien planet.

With most of the crew dead, the marooned survivors embark on a controversial genetics program to reengineer the various apes that survived the crash, into a strong-subservient and intelligent labor force to help them create a new colony.

However, beneath the surface of the world, there exists a new threat. Now the survivors must transform the primates into a genetically enhanced Army to help defend them, before their greatly reduced technological resources are depleted.

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