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Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time
Plants vs Zombies 2 logo.png
Developer(s) PopCap Games
Publisher(s) Electronic Arts
Series Plants vs. Zombies
Engine PopCap Games Framework
Platform(s) iOS, Android
Release date(s) iOS
AUS 20130709July 9, 2013

INT 20130815August 15, 2013
CHN 20130912September 12, 2013
AUS 20131002October 2, 2013
INT 20131023October 23, 2013

Genre(s) Tower defense
Mode(s) Single-player
Distribution Download

Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time is a 2013 free-to-play tower defence video game developed by PopCap Games and published by Electronic Arts. It is the sequel to Plants vs. Zombies, and was released worldwide on Apple App Store on August 15, 2013 and Google Play on October 23, 2013.


In August 2012, PopCap announced that they were working on a sequel to their previous game, Plants vs. Zombies, and that it would include "new features, settings, and situations".[1] In a later announcement, the company confirmed that the new game would be released on July 18, 2013.[2] On June 26, 2013, PopCap announced on their Twitter page that the game would release later than previously announced. On July 9, the game was released in Australia and New Zealand on the iOS App Store[3] and came out worldwide on August 15, 2013.[4] The Android version was released worldwide on October 23, 2013.[5]


Plants vs. Zombies 2: It's About Time is a free-to-play game, unlike its predecessor, supporting in-app purchasing of coins in order to utilise certain power up abilities: Plant Food, a new power-up, allows plants to power up for varying amounts of time. Each plant has its own ability when given Plant Food. Players are able to complete the whole game without purchasing these abilities, some of which can be earned throughout the game instead of purchased. Players can optionally start with a tutorial on the basics of the game which takes place in the player's house. After the tutorial, or immediately if the player chose to skip it, the player time-travels first to Ancient Egypt and can use either purchase access to worlds or win in-game World Keys to unlock the Pirate Seas, Wild West, Far Future, the Dark Ages, and Big Wave Beach; this required stars in earlier updates. In addition, the Chinese version has an additional world called Kung-Fu World.[6] As players go through levels, they unlock new plants each with advantages and unique boosts. Big Wave Beach has big one-upper; Bikini Zombies (Rrrrr....)

World World Title Levels Release Date(s)
1 Ancient Egypt 25 August 15, 2013 (Apple/iOS)

October 23, 2013 (Android)

2 Pirate Seas
3 Wild West
4 Far Future March 27, 2014
5 Dark Ages 20 (+10 in Part 1, +10 in Part 2) Part 1: June 24, 2014

Part 2: July 29, 2014

6 Big Wave Beach 32 (+16 in Part 1, +16 in Part 2) Part 1: October 14, 2014

Part 2: November 11, 2014

7 Frostbite Caves N/A January 2015


The player receives a bottle of hot sauce which Crazy Dave, the players neighbor, adds to his taco. Crazy Dave is determined to eat exactly the same taco again, so he uses a sentient time machine in the form of an RV, called Penny, to travel back in time to have the taco again. Due to a malfunction, he arrives in Ancient Egypt. Worsening matters is the fact that the zombies, led by Dr. Zomboss, have returned, this time with the hope of creating an alternate timeline where zombies are the dominant species. The player must then defeat zombies there. Each chapter is 25 "days (nights for Dark Ages)" or levels long, with the exception of Dark Ages, which has only 20 levels and Big Wave Beach, with 32 levels, followed by Pirate Seas, Wild West, Far Future, and Dark Ages levels, Big Wave Beach which can be unlocked and completed in any order.With help from Super plants you must defeat the zombies!


The new plant [edit | edit source] Ancient Egypt [edit | edit source] Bloomerang: Bullets of this tree has the ability to go back, attacking from 3 Zombie or grave or less. When using Plant Food, it will shoot 40 rounds of 4 huong.175sun [11] [12] Iceberg Lettuce: Icing 1 Zombie touch it. When using Plant Food it would freeze all zombies on the field. Free. Bonk Choy: 1 punching zombies in a row until it dies When using nogay Plant Food is a huge damage caused zombies pharaoh died 150sun magicvine version onlie fired a power in zombie200sun Pirate Seas [edit | edit source] Spring Bean: Zombie Turn back one cell, then temporary bed in seconds. As it turns Food Plant used all over the back yard Zombie 1 cells, but not ngu.50sun Snapdragon: Spray fire within the 3x2 in front of it. When using Plant Food will burn all within 3x3 Zombie front no.150sun Cannon Coconut: Coconut on Zombie Shoot cannons, damage 3x3 range. When used it will fire Plant Food giant coconut, pushing back the Zombie and exploded within 3x3.400sun Power Lily: Buy 90 gems. When you put this tree down it will give out 1 Plant Food.175sun bambo small cage in the excavation onlie version nunchaku on zombie 150sun Wild West [edit | edit source] Lightning Reed: Shoot the zombies electric, weak damage. Specialized treatment Chicken Zombie (Zombie chicken). When using Plant Food will create clouds charged, as shock first few random Zombie san.125sun Chili Bean: When eating zombies will collapse and die. When using Plant Food, it will clone the 3 children again. 50sun Pea Pod: Initially set to shoot one bullet, one place to another child into it, it will fire 2 rounds. Just like that until it fired 5 rounds. When using Plant Food, it will shoot 5 bullets Pea 125sun giant. [13] Far Future [edit | edit source] Bean Laser: Laser Shot through the Zombie. When using Plant Food it will wipe out the zombie on hang.200sun Citron: the Zombie Pinball, major damage, but need to wait a few seconds for it to shoot 1 time. When using Plant Food, it will shoot out Plasma, flying all over the field except Zombie Zombie Robot and Gargantuar but will die immediately tuc.350sun EMPeach: Doing the Robot Zombie stopped for a few seconds. Use 1 lan.25sun Infi-nut: Wall-nut varieties, except that when the zombies eat up all the blood, it is not dead. A few seconds later it will recover. When using Plant Food, it will create 1 shield shield for 5 hang75sun. Magnifying Grass: Bullets massive damage but to load Sun to shoot. When using Plant Food will absorb the sun's rays and burn first few zombies on any san.50sun Tile Turnip: Creating Power Tile, which is capable of connecting Plant Plant Food for nhau.Cu each use of it will increase len.o Sun-sun 250-500-1000 -... [14] [15] [16] [17] Dark Ages [edit | edit source] Sun Bean: When eating Zombie will give Sun a Plant being shot. When used as Zombie Plant Food is eaten Bean Sun will explode and create blood volume, depending on the Zombie Sun do.50sun [18] Pea-nut: The combination Peashooter and Wall-nut. It has blood in Wall-nut and firing Pea. When using Plant Food, it will shoot 60 bullets Pea and more clothing giap.150su [19] [20] [21] [22] Big Wave Beach [edit | edit source] Bowling Bulb: Rolling forward to zombie or grave damage them like Wall-nut Bowling. When used, each left bowling Plant Food equivalent 1 left Cherry Bomb and roll 3 trai.200sun

Ghost Pepper: 109 Gems Need to buy it and sell only a limited time, it blew ghost zombie minor damage before and after but will disappear after a while, when it will disappear within 3x3 explosion. When using Plant Food will blow ghost attacks in the area 3x5 damage lon.75sun

Homing Thistle: 109 Gems Need to buy it, but not limited to time. Girlfriend in the direction away (as in Cattail Plants vs. Zombies), does not grow under nuoc.Khi Plant Food used to shoot in all directions in the form of "rays" dart xanh.250sun

Banana Launcher: Pinball bananas in place of choice. When using Plant Food will shoot 5 left in the zombie manh.500sun

Guacodile: Shoot seed butter into the distance, when the zombies come near it will jump down and do the Lawn Mower and disappeared. Use Plant Food will bite 2 times the original hang.125sun

Sweet Potato: 109 Gems Need to buy it, but limited time. It makes the zombie nearby attraction close, often combined with Homing Thistle. Use Plant Food will attract zombies with a larger area. It can attract longlines Fisherman Zombie300sun

===The new zombie=== [edit | edit source] Ancient Egypt [edit | edit source] Out Zombie: Zombie has the ability to absorb the player's Sun, Sun should be getting that fast before him smoking. He will stand to times when just suck suck Sun.Moi 10 local Sun (Sun of Sunflower).

Camel Zombie: Zombie carried with 3-5 bricks arranged in the shape of a camel. Not dangerous.

Explorer Zombie: Zombie will burn all trees within 0.5 box in front of it. Maybe by Iceberg Lettuce allelopathic, Snow Pea and Winter Melon.

Tomb Raiser Zombie: Zombie has the ability to throw the bones into any cell on the field first. If the cell is blank, it will grow into the grave or tomb when the old tree and takes up space that the new tomb will not appear. Just throw it round 2 1 Department of bone and it will stand back when throwing bones.

Pharaoh Zombie: Zombie is a lot of blood, to 2 times the new Instant death. When broken armor, he will lose fast and fast food. [23]

Pirate Seas [edit | edit source] Swashbuckler Zombie: Zombie stick to rope, jump in column 5 thu.Dung Blover every room to blow away the fly.

Seagull Zombie: Zombie is tied to one seagulls, flying into the defense. Potato Mine, Iceberg Lettuce, Spikeweed and Spikerock not work with him. Seagulls will die if the Kernel-Pult stick butter or Blover blown away.

Barrel Roller Zombie: Zombie bring this one bucket, crushing plants. When the barrel is broken, it will emit 2 IMP further attacks. Containers may rupture if used Spikeweed faster and Spikerock.

IMP Cannon: cannon, shoot IMP in column 5 or 6 from left to right. Quite dangerous because after 2 minutes will be destroyed gun and shoot all the IMP also the cannon on defense at random positions.

Pirate Captain Zombie: Zombie is the master, it has a parrot stealing trees and brought up at the sky. When stealing trees after a time the parrot will return if the zombie Zombie Pirate Captain is still alive. If more Zombie Pirate Captain on the screen, when there are 2 or more parrots and 1 steal and 1 Plant in the box, the parrot does not steal is going back to Pirate Captain, the parrot can kill by butter Kernel- Pult or Blover.

Wild West [edit | edit source] Poncho Zombie: Zombie has two types: Type 1 blood weak and not dangerous. Type 2 instruments should wear a lot of blood and dangerous. Both are difficult to distinguish two types because there che.Neu coat, Magnet-Shroom used to suck the tool wear.

Prospector Zombie: Zombie is going to be 2 Car bomb will make it jump out behind the defense from behind the tree to eat. You can use Split Pea, Starfruit, Blover (while flying), Snow Pea, Iceberg Lettuce, Winter Melon (all three plants extinguishing bomb) to stop.

Chicken Wrangler Zombie: Zombie bleed when Zombie Chicken will drop out. Zombie Chicken weak blood but nhanh.Dung Lightning speed Bonk Choy Reed or likely to destroy Zombie Chicken.

Pianist Zombie: Zombie is rated 1 the piano. When the guitar is Zombie Zombie Cowboy, Cowboy and Buckethead Cowboy Conehead will dance and has constantly changed. It can be easily destroyed by Spikeweed and Spikerock piano.

Bull Zombie: Zombie This is bull, when met at the plant will throw IMP. But IMP was thrown from Zombie Bull can easily intercepted by Tall-nut. Also Zombie Bull has a lot of blood. Zombie can make this work stoppage by EMPeach. [24]

Far Future [edit | edit source] Jetpack Zombie: Zombie aircraft flew overhead and fast. Moreover it can fly through any of Plant Plant whether it has to much higher (except Tall-nut). You can use Blover to blow him.

Shield Zombie: Zombie Robot is. He will set up a shield. Everyone can not shoot bullets through regular bullet excluding Zombie. When the shield is broken, it will shut down for a few seconds, then restart the shield. Use E.M. Peach to cope.

Robo-Cone Zombie: Many 3rd blood in the game (after Gargantuar and Zombot). Moreover fast food crops. Use E.M. Peach to cope.

Mecha-Football Zombie: Zombie is a lot of blood and potentially put the tree back 1 space to the rear (except Spikeweed and Spikerock). Plants in the first box from the left if pushed will fly out of the yard. Use E.M. Peach to cope.

Disco-tron 3000: Zombie blood and also has the ability to summon Zombie Disco-Jetpack for its defense. Use E.M. Peach to cope.

Jetpack Disco Zombie: Zombie Like Jetpack but the Disco. Can be called by Disco-tron 3000, he used Blover blown. [25] [26] [27]

Dark Ages [edit | edit source] Knight Zombie: Zombie has quite a lot of blood and danger hiem.Dung Magnet-Shroom to suck hat.

Jester Zombie: Zombie is likely betrayed almost everything except for some types of ammunition bullets are bullets Area Of Effect of Plant (the attack and take effect at once or by the bullet is not solid, like Fume -shroom, Laser Bean, Spikeweed, Spikerock, bonk choy ..) or a bullet in the back of it (Split Pea, Starfruit, ...) [28]

Wizard Zombie: Zombie is capable of turning trees into cuu.Khi dead sheep will come back into the tree.

Zombie King: Well signaled by Announcer IMP, turn the Peasant Zombie, Conehead Peasant, Peasant Buckethead Zombie Knight.

IMP Dragon: Zombie has immunity bullet train, Cherry Bomb and jalapeno. [29] [30] [31] [32] [32] [33]

Big Wave Beach [edit | edit source] Zombie Surfer: used surfboards to surf on the water at a faster rate, after ashore will put the board on the ground where the tree will die and the board similar to the grave, where games will be blocked until the break cancellation would also like zombie zombie often.

Fisherman Zombie: Appeared in the last row, pull 1 1 Car Plant in surrender. Octo Zombie: see the octopus into tree-like plants to be turned into sheep Zombie Wizard, however octopus will not disappear but will be there until the death Plant will drop out


The game was first expected to launch on iOS on July 18, 2013. On June 26, it was announced that the game was delayed until later in the summer on the game's official Twitter account.[7] The game soft launched in Australian and New Zealand App Store's on July 9, to test server capacity. It launched worldwide on iOS on August 15 and in five days topped the free app charts in 137 countries. On September 12, PopCap Games soft launched the game for Android in China in Baidu AppSearch and announced that it would be coming to Google Play worldwide later in the year. On October 2, the game soft launched on the Australian and New Zealand Google Play stores.[8]


Aggregate scores
Aggregator Score
GameRankings 89.9%
Metacritic 86%
Review scores
Publication Score
Edge 9/10
Eurogamer 8/10
GameSpot 8.9/10
IGN 8.7/10
Gamezebo 4.5/5 stars

The game received mostly positive feedback from users and critics, despite the use of in-app purchases. It has a Metacritic score of 86/100 based on 36 reviews.[9] PopCap Games announced at Gamescom on August 20, 2013, that the game had been downloaded 15 million times, making it the most successful EA mobile game launch. Ten days later it was announced that the game had been downloaded 25 million times, exceeding the lifetime downloads of the first game.[10]

Apple chose Plants vs. Zombies 2 as a runner-up for 2013 iPhone game of the year.[11]


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