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Compagnie Plastic Omnium SA
Type Société anonyme
Traded as EuronextPOM
Industry Petrochemical
Founded 1946 (1946)
Founders Pierre Burelle
Headquarters Levallois, France[1]
Area served Worldwide
Key people Laurent Burelle
(Chairman and CEO)
Revenue €4.22 billion (2011)[2]
Operating income €272.1 million (2011)[2]
Profit €194.0 million (2011)[2]
Total assets €1.68 billion (2011)[2]
Total equity €1.60 billion (2011)[2]
Employees 20000[3]
Parent Burelle

Plastic Omnium is an international company specialised in the manufacturing and commercialisation of plastics.[1][4]


Plastic Omnium was founded by Pierre Burelle in 1946. It began making plastic steering columns for Renault, but soon extended its supply contracts to other carmakers in France and abroad.[5] In 1995, it made a tender offer for its most important rival in the French industry, Reydel, and then acquired it from its major stakeholder Compagnie Financière de Turenne.[6][7] Today Plastic Omnium has 103 plants and is present in more than 28 countries.[3]


Plastic Omnium Automobile[edit]

The automotive division is composed of two main enterprises, Plastic Omnium Auto Exterior and Inergy Automotive Systems. The first provides external plastic elements (thermoplastic and composite) for cars, like bumpers and energy absorption systems, fender and front-end modules. The second provides fuel tanks.[1][4] In 2011, Inergy purchased the Ford Motor Company's fuel tank manufacturer in United States, Visteon, and became its sixth world provider in scale for that parts.[8] Plastic Omnium a supplier to the automotive industry.[9] The company has plans to introduce more composite materials to reduce the weight of their pieces and gain market advantage.[10]

Plastic Omnium Environnement[edit]

This centers on waste containerization, urban and road signage and urban planning. Its products include wheeled bins; underground, semi-underground, and aboveground containers; voluntary waste drop-off receptacles and data management systems; equipment for community-use area; urban signage solutions ; and road signage solutions, as well as sorted waste services. Plastic Omnium Systemes Urbains[1][4] in 2012 won its first major contract for its line of sustainable products, when Rio de Janeiro requested the provision of wheeled rubbish bins made with plant-based polyethylene derived from sugar cane.[11]

Company's share structure[edit]

According to Plastic Omnium, at the end of 2011 55.1 percent of it was owned by the parent company, Burelle, 1.6 by the employees, 8,7 was Treasury stock and a 34.6 was for public trade.[12]


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