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Saint Jackob the Apostle Catholic church.
Saint Jackob the Apostle Catholic church.
Country  Serbia
Province  Vojvodina
Municipality Bač
Population (2002)
 • Total 1,392
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Plavna (Serbian Cyrillic: Плавна) is a village in Serbia. It is situated in the Bač municipality, in the South Bačka District, Vojvodina province. Its population is ethnically mixed and numbering 1,392 people (2002 census).


In Serbian, the village is known as Plavna (Плавна), in Croatian (Šokac) as Plavna, in Hungarian as Palona, and in German as Plawingen.


It is located 150 km north of Belgrade and 75 km of Novi Sad, the capital of the province of Vojvodina, at the southwest of Bačka.

Ethnic groups (2002 census)[edit]

Its population include:

Historical population[edit]

  • 1961: 2,662
  • 1971: 2,033
  • 1981: 1,712
  • 1991: 1,538
  • 2002: 1,392

Plavna is the birthplace of Antun Gustav Matoš's father who was Bunjevac Croat.[1] Before the Croatian War of Independence the village was predominantly inhabited by Croats.


There is a possibility of hunting deer, doe buck, wild boar, as well as hare, pheasant, partridge and wild duck on an area of 600 hectares covered by wheat and corn.

Hunting ground Plavna – Lovačka kuća (Houting house) is located in the village of Plavna surrounded by forest. Along with usual hounting activities, it offers the possibility of tours of the hunting ground, photo – safari, observing wild life. Restaurant can receive 100 quests.

Notable inhabitants[edit]

  • József Novotny (1908–1944), chaiplan, martyr of the Roman Catholic Church, a Hungarian of Czech or Slovak origin. He was killed by the Yugoslav partisans in 1944. [1]
  • Bálint Magyar de Palona (? - 1573), Hungarian general, captain of Fonyód, heroe of the struggle against Ottoman invasion. [2]


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Coordinates: 45°20′48.84″N 19°07′32.16″E / 45.3469000°N 19.1256000°E / 45.3469000; 19.1256000