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PlayOnLinux Logo.png
Developer(s) Quentin Pâris
Operating system Mac OSX
Type Compatibility layer
License GPL/LGPL

PlayOnMac is a free Microsoft Windows compatibility layer allowing to easily install and use numerous games and software designed to run with Microsoft's Windows. PlayOnMac is based on the opensource program Wine[1][2][3]

It uses an online database of installers (called scripts) to apply to different applications that need special configuration If the game is not in the database, a manual installation can be performed but the result cannot be guaranteed. Aside from games, any other program can be installed and each one is put in a different container to prevent interference of one program with another.[4][5] PlayOnMac allows users to install some of the most popular Windows applications and many games.[6]

You don't have to own a Windows license to use PlayOnMac.[7]

PlayOnMac is developed using a combination of Bash and Python and uses the toolkit wxPython.

Notable supported software[edit]

PlayOnMac supports various piece of software including:

The full supported software list is available on PlayOnMac website

Unsupported software[edit]

Software that is not officially supported may also work. You just have to double click on the setup program to make it run with PlayOnMac

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