PlayStation technical specifications

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The PlayStation technical specifications describe the various components of the PlayStation video game console.

Central processing unit[edit]

LSI LR333x0-based Core
Geometry transformation engine
  • Resides inside the main CPU chip, giving it additional vector math instructions used for 3D graphics
  • Features:
    • Operating performance of 66 MIPS
    • 360,000 polygons per second[1]
      • 180,000 texture mapped and light-sourced polygons per second[citation needed]
  • Also residing within the main CPU, it is responsible for decompressing images and video.
  • Documented device mode is to read three RLE-encoded 16×16 macroblocks, run IDCT and assemble a single 16×16 RGB macroblock.
  • Output data may be transferred directly to GPU via DMA.
  • It is possible to overwrite IDCT matrix and some additional parameters, however MDEC internal instruction set was never documented.
  • Features:
    • Compatible with MJPEG and H.261 files
    • Operating Performance of 80 MIPS
    • Directly connected to CPU Bus
An SCPH-1001 motherboard.
An SCPH-9001 motherboard

Graphics processing unit[edit]

  • Handles 2D graphics processing separate from the main 3D engine on the CPU
  • Features:

Sound processing unit[edit]



CD-ROM drive
  • 2x, with a maximum data throughput of 300 kB/s
  • XA Mode 2 Compliant
  • CD-DA (CD-Digital Audio)
  • 128 kB buffer
  • Stored on 512 kB ROM
Memory Card


  • AV Multi Out
  • RCA Composite video and Stereo out (SCPH-100x to 3xxx only)
  • RFU DC Out (for Aerial cable) (SCPH-100x to 3xxx only)
  • S-Video Out (SCPH-1000 only)
  • Serial I/O (used for PlayStation Link Cable SCPH-100x to 900x only)
  • Parallel I/O (no official use, SCPH-100x to 750x only)
  • AC Connector (SCPH-100x to 900x only)