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Play of the Month
Genre Drama Anthology/Classic adaptations
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English (some translations)
No. of episodes 120 (inc. 2 repeats under this title)
Producer(s) Peter Luke (1965-66),
Cedric Messina (1966-77),
Camera setup multi-camera/film inserts
Production company(s) BBC
Original channel BBC 1
Original run October 19, 1965 (1965-10-19) – September 12, 1983 (1983-09-12)
Followed by Theatre Night

Play of the Month is a BBC television anthology series featuring productions of classic and contemporary stage plays (or adaptations) which were usually broadcast on BBC1. Each production featured a different work, often using prominent British stage actors in the leading roles. The series was transmitted from October 1965 to September 1983; the producer most associated with the Play of the Month series was Cedric Messina.

Some of the 120 episodes are missing from the archives, having been junked in the 1960s and 1970s. Unless stated otherwise, the indication that the play is "lost" is taken from the website page as of 25 May 2013.[1] In some cases, the link is to the Play of the Month in question rather than the source text. This is indicated with an asterisk (*).

List of episodes[edit]

The main source for compiling this list was the BFI Film & TV database. The website's master list is here. IMDb has also been used as a check, and occasionally as the main source where a substitute is lacking.

Unless stated otherwise, Cedric Messina was the producer.
Legend: Se = Season; Ep = Episode; AS/A = Archive status/Availability
Abbreviations: tr =Telerecording; seq = sequence(s)

Se Ep Title[2] Author Producer/Director Performers UK
1 1 Luther John Osborne Alan Cooke (d) Alec McCowen,
Patrick Magee,
Geoffrey Bayldon,
Ray Barrett,
Jerold Wells,
Philip Stone,
Fulton Mackay,
James Cairncross,
Douglas Ditta,
Peter Purves,
Rex Robinson
19 October 1965
1 2 A Passage to India E. M. Forster (novel);
Santha Rama Rau (play);
John Maynard (adaptation)
Peter Luke (p);
Waris Hussein (d)
Sybil Thorndike,
Virginia McKenna;
Zia Mohyeddin,
Cyril Cusack
Ishaq Bux,
Saeed Jaffrey,
John Bryans
16 November 1965
1 3 The Joel Brand Story Alex Weissberg (novel);
Heinar Kipphardt (writer);
Rudolph Cartier (adaptation)
Peter Luke (p);
Rudolph Cartier (d)
Cyril Shaps,
Zia Mohyeddin,
Anton Diffring
14 December 1965 lost
1 4 Gordon of  Khartoum Robin Maugham
(play, The Last Hero);
David Benedictus (adaptation)
Peter Luke (p),
Rudolph Cartier (d)
Alan Badel,
Charles Carson,
John Franklyn-Robbins,
Gladys Spencer,
Cyril Shaps,
Roy Stewart
18 January 1966 lost
1 5 Where Angels Fear to Tread E. M. Forster (novel);
Elizabeth Hart (adaptation)
Naomi Capon (d) Anna Massey,
Wendy Hiller,
Alec McCowen,
Nora Swinburne,
André Lawrence
15 February 1966 lost
1 6 Lee Oswald Assassin Felix Lützkendorf (play);
Rudolph Cartier &
Reed De Rouen
Peter Luke (p),
Rudolph Cartier (d)
Tony Bill,
Dora Reisser,
Robert Ayres,
Donald Sutherland,
Callen Angelo,
David Bauer,
Glenn Beck,
Reed De Rouen,
Harold Goldblatt,
David Graham,
David Healy,
Paul Maxwell,
Warren Mitchell,
Shane Rimmer,
Tony Sibbald
15 March 1966
1 7 Make Me an Offer Wolf Mankowitz (book);
David Heneker & Monty Norman (m/ly)[4][5]
Bill Hays (d) Diana Coupland,
Peter Gilmore,
Judith Bruce,
Meier Tzelniker,
James Grout,
Ivor Salter,
Patrick O'Connell,
Timothy Bateson
12 April 1966 lost
1 8 Death of a Salesman* Arthur Miller Alan Cooke (d) Rod Steiger,
Betsy Blair,
Joss Ackland,
Tony Bill,
Kenneth J. Warren,
David Healy
24 May 1966 lost
1 9 The Devil's Eggshell Alex Comfort (original work);
David Weir
Gareth Davies (d) Leonard Rossiter,
Keith Barron,
David Langton,
John Phillips,
Nicholas Pennell,
Bernard Hepton,
Burt Kwouk,
Michael Culver,
Stephanie Bidmead,
Anthony Jacobs,
Basil Moss
28 June 1966
2 1 Defection! The Case of Colonel Petrov David Bull[6] Bill Hays (d) Nigel Stock,
Lee Montague,
Charles Tingwell,
Jerome Willis,
Colin Jeavons
27 September 1966
2 2 Days to Come H. G. Wells (story);
Ken Taylor (adaptation)
Alan Bridges (d) Dinsdale Landen,
Judi Dench,
Bernard Archard,
John Quentin,
Michael Gough,
Alan Rowe,
Michael Brennan,
Norman Mitchell,
Richard Coe,
Peter Birrel
25 October 1966 lost
2 3 Corridors of Power C. P. Snow (novel); adapted by John Elliot and Sarah Lawson Raymond Menmuir (d) Patrick Allen,
Alec Clunes,
William Mervyn[7]
22 November 1966 lost
2 4 The Making of Jericho Alun Owen Bill Hays (d) John Thaw,
Neville Smith,
Pauline Collins,
Peter Jeffrey[8]
20 December 1966 lost
2 5 The Cabinet Papers Maurice Edelman (book);
Anthony Steven (adaptation)
Waris Hussein (d) Maxine Audley,
Griffith Jones,
Richard Leech,
Gerald Sim,
Richard Vernon
14 March 1967 lost
3 1 Girls in Uniform Christa Winsloe (play);
Derek Ingrey and Sonia Dresdel (adaptation)
Waris Hussein (d) Virginia McKenna,
Sonia Dresdel,
Rachel Kempson,
Francesca Annis,
Anna Calder-Marshall,
Petra Markham,
Jan Chappell
15 October 1967[9] lost
3 2 The Moon and Sixpence W. Somerset Maugham (novel);
Clive Exton (adaptation)
Donald McWhinnie (d) Charles Gray,
Ronald Hines,
Barry Justice,
Sylvia Kay,
Elisabeth Welch
12 November 1967 lost
3 3 Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare Alan Cooke (d) Hywel Bennett,
Kika Markham,
John Gielgud,
Thora Hird,
Michael Gambon,
Ronald Pickup,
Charles Kay,
Edward Burnham,
Stephanie Bidmead,
Brian Badcoe,
David Griffin,
Michael Godfrey,
Derrick Gilbert
3 December 1967
3 4 The Parachute David Mercer Tony Garnett (p);
Anthony Page (d)
Alan Badel,
Jill Bennett,
John Osborne,
Isabel Dean,
Esmond Knight,
Barry Jackson,
Norman Jones,
Royston Farrell,
Stephen Whittaker
21 January 1968
3 5 Cyrano de Bergerac Edmond Rostand James MacTaggart (d) Eric Porter,
Peter Jeffrey,
Suzanne Neve,
Simon Brent,
Jerome Willis
11 February 1968 lost
3 6 Ghosts Henrik Ibsen Michael Elliott (d) Celia Johnson,
Tom Courtenay,
Donald Wolfit,
Fulton Mackay,
Vickery Turner
17 March 1968 lost
3 7 The Corn Is Green Emlyn Williams (play);
Harry Green (adaptation)
Philip Dudley (d) Wendy Hiller,
Ronald Fraser,
Stephanie Bidmead,
Glyn Houston
John Ogwen
14 April 1968 lost
3 8 The Tempest William Shakespeare Basil Coleman (d) Michael Redgrave,
Keith Michell,
Jonathan Dennis,
Ronald Pickup,
Tessa Wyatt,
John Woodvine,
Donald Eccles,
James Cairncross,
Llewellyn Rees
12 May 1968 lost
3 9 The Old Ladies Rodney Ackland (play);
Hugh Walpole (source novel)
William Slater (d) Flora Robson,
Athene Seyler,
Katina Paxinou
9 June 1968 lost
3 10 Man and Superman George Bernard Shaw James MacTaggart (d) Eric Porter,
Maggie Smith,
Adrienne Corri,
Rachel Kempson,
Cyril Luckham,
Angharad Rees,
Tony Selby,
Godfrey Quigley
7 July 1968 seq
3 11 Hay Fever Noël Coward John Gorrie (d) Celia Johnson,
Anna Massey,
Richard Briers,
Dennis Price,
Charles Gray,
Hazel Hughes,
Ian McKellen,
Vickery Turner,
Lucy Fleming
4 August 1968 lost
4 1 Saint Joan George Bernard Shaw Waris Hussein (d) Janet Suzman,
Hugh Walters,
Glyn Owen,
Richard Hampton,
Murray Melvin,
John Bryans,
Michael Craig,
Maurice Denham,
Glyn Owen,
Ronald Pickup,
Jack Watson,
Jerold Wells
1 September 1968 lost
4 2 The Male Animal James Thurber Alan Bridges (d) Lee Montague,
Anthony Perkins,
Toby Robins,
Alan Gifford,
Jumoke Debayo,
Christopher Benjamin
13 October 1968 lost
4 3 The Seagull Anton Chekhov Alan Cooke (d) Pamela Brown,
Robert Stephens,
Gemma Jones,
Robin Phillips,
Niall MacGinnis,
Michael Gambon
17 November 1968[10]
4 4 Waters of the Moon N. C. Hunter Herbert Wise (d) Athene Seyler,
Vivien Merchant,
Kathleen Harrison,
Michael Gwynn,
Roland Culver,
Margaret Leighton
24 December 1968 lost
4 5 Mary, Queen of Scots Friedrich Schiller (play);
Stephen Spender (translation)
Basil Coleman (d) Virginia McKenna,
Pamela Brown,
Derek Godfrey,
Peter Cellier,
Fanny Rowe,
Walter Fitzgerald,
John Harvey,
Bernard Hepton,
Tony Steedman
12 January 1969 lost
4 6 Maigret at Bay Georges Simenon (novel);
Donald Bull (adaptation)
William Slater (d) Rupert Davies,
Helen Shingler,
Neville Jason,
Gillian Hills,
Yootha Joyce,
Clive Cazes,
Tony Harwood,
Geoffrey Morris,
Martin Miller,
Hans De Vries,
Donald Pickering,
Murray Evans,
Kenneth Benda,
Anne Tirard,
Geoffrey Cheshire,
Robin Scott
9 February 1969
4 7 Relatively Speaking Alan Ayckbourn Herbert Wise (d) Celia Johnson,
Donald Sinden,
John Stride,
Judy Cornwell,
2 March 1969 lost
4 8 Julius Caesar William Shakespeare Alan Bridges (d) Robert Stephens,
Frank Finlay,
Maurice Denham,
Edward Woodward,
Anthony Bate,
Alan Rowe,
Jon Rollason,
John Alderton,
John Abineri,
Terence De Marney,
Christopher Guard,
Christopher Timothy,
Trevor Martin,
Brian Vaughan,
Christopher Benjamin,
Richard Coe,
Christopher Denham,
Christopher Timothy,
Stuart Wilson,
Andrew Johns,
Duncan Preston
13 April 1969
4 9 An Ideal Husband Oscar Wilde Rudolph Cartier (d) Jeremy Brett,
Keith Michell,
Margaret Leighton,
Dinah Sheridan,
Susan Hampshire,
Penelope Lee,
Erik Chitty
11 May 1969 [11]
5 1 The Heiress Augustus and Ruth Goetz (play adaptation);
Henry James (novel, Washington Square)
Terence Dudley (d) Vincent Price,
Eileen Atkins,
John Stride,
Lally Bowers,
Shirley Dixon,
David Allister
12 October 1969 lost
5 2 Charley's Aunt Brandon Thomas (play);
Richard Waring (adaptation)
John Gorrie (d) Danny La Rue,
Ronnie Barker,
Coral Browne,
Dinsdale Landen,
John Standing,
Robert Coote
23 November 1969
5 3 The Marquise Noël Coward Alan Gibson Celia Johnson,
Philip Latham,
Richard Vernon,
David Griffin,
Ciaran Madden,
Nigel Terry,
Wensley Pithey
14 December 1969 lost
5 4 The Three Sisters* Anton Chekhov Gerald Savory (p); Cedric Messina (d) Eileen Atkins,
Janet Suzman,
Michele Dotrice,
Anthony Hopkins,
Sarah Badel,
Ronald Hines,
Joss Ackland,
Donald Pickering,
Michael Bryant,
Jill Bennett,
Erik Chitty,
Christopher Timothy
18 January 1970 [12]
5 5 In Good King Charles's Golden Days George Bernard Shaw (Producer and director untraced) Elisabeth Bergner,
Michael Craig,
Maurice Denham,
John Gielgud,
Barbara Jefford[13]
15 February 1970 lost
5 6 Separate Tables Terence Rattigan (play);
Hugh Whitemore (adaptation)
Alan Cooke (d) Eric Porter,
Annette Crosbie,
Geraldine McEwan,
Robert Harris,
Cathleen Nesbitt,
Hazel Hughes
15 March 1970 [14]
5 7 Howard's End E. M. Forster (novel) Donald McWhinnie (d) Leo Genn,
Rachel Kempson,
Glenda Jackson,
Andrew Ray,
Geraldine Sherman,
Christopher Gable,
Tessa Shaw
19 April 1970 seq
5 8 The Rivals Richard Brinsley Sheridan Basil Coleman (d) Andrew Cruickshank,
Beryl Reid,
Jeremy Brett,
Jennie Linden,
John Alderton,
T. P. McKenna,
Susan Penhaligon,
Lynn Farleigh
17 May 1970
6 1 Macbeth William Shakespeare John Gorrie (d) Eric Porter,
Janet Suzman,
John Thaw,
John Woodvine,
John Alderton,
Michael Goodliffe,
Tony Caunter,
Sylvia Coleridge,
Daphne Heard,
Hilary Mason,
Geoffrey Palmer,
Wolfe Morris,
Alan Rowe
20 September 1970
6 2 Ross Terence Rattigan (play);
William Emms (adaptation)
Cedric Messina (d) (no producer credit) Ian McKellen,
Charles Gray,
Barrie Ingham,
John Bennett,
Martin Jarvis,
Edward Fox,
Brian Rawlinson,
Michael Robbins
18 October 1970 lost
6 3 Uncle Vanya Anton Chekhov Christopher Morahan (d) Freddie Jones,
Anthony Hopkins,
Ann Bell,
Roland Culver,
Jenifer Armitage,
John Baskcomb,
Richard Beale,
Stacey Tendeter
8 November 1970 [12]
6 4 Five Finger Exercise Peter Shaffer John Gorrie (d) Margaret Lockwood,
Paul Rogers,
Gary Bond,
Sally Thomsett,
Timothy Dalton
24 December 1970 lost
6 5 Act of Betrayal Hugh Whitemore William Slater Zena Walker,
Mary Wimbush,
Michael Gwynn,
Stanley Meadows,
Deborah Lavin,
Alan MacNaughtan,
Gertan Klauber,
Nicholas Smith,
Jay Neill
3 January 1971
6 6 Candida George Bernard Shaw Alan Cooke (d) George Baker,
Jeremy Bulloch,
Timothy Dalton,
Geraldine McEwan,
Clive Revill
21 February 1971 lost
6 7 The Wild Duck Henrik Ibsen (play);
Max Faber (adaptation)
Alan Bridges (d) Denholm Elliott,
Derek Godfrey,
Mark Dignam,
Rosemary Leach,
John Robinson,
Jenny Agutter,
Stephanie Bidmead,
Christopher Benjamin,
Brian Vaughan
21 March 1971 [16]
6 8 Don Juan in Hell George Bernard Shaw (no producer or director credit traced) Michael Hordern,
Christopher Plummer,
Michael Redgrave,
Vivien Merchant
25 April 1971[17] lost
6 9 Platonov Anton Chekhov (play)
John Elliott (adaptation)
Christopher Morahan (d) Rex Harrison,
Patsy Byrne,
Siân Phillips,
Clive Revill,
Donald Eccles,
Geoffrey Bayldon,
Willoughby Goddard,
Stacey Tendeter,
John Gill,
Kevin Stoney,
Neil McCarthy
23 May 1971 [12]
7 1 A Midsummer Night's Dream William Shakespeare James Cellan Jones (d) Eileen Atkins,
Robert Stephens,
Lynn Redgrave,
Amanda Barrie,
Jeremy Clyde,
Edward Fox,
Michael Gambon,
Eleanor Bron,
Ronnie Barker,
Paul Henry,
John Laurie,
Clifford Rose,
John Glyn-Jones,
Pam Ferris
26 September 1971
7 2 Rasputin Ronald Eyre Alan Cooke (d) Robert Stephens,
Peter Barkworth,
Isabel Dean,
Jonathan Moore,
Lally Bowers,
T. P. McKenna,
Andrew Robertson,
Reg Lye,
Leonard Trolley,
Derrick Gilbert,
John Savident,
James Bree
24 October 1971
7 3 Tartuffe Molière (play)
Richard Wilbur (translator/adaption)
Basil Coleman (d) Michael Hordern,
Michael Craig,
John Standing,
David Nettheim,
Mary Morris,
Patricia Routledge
28 November 1971 lost
7 4 The Cherry Orchard Anton Chekhov Gerald Savory (p);
Cedric Messian (d)
Celia Johnson,
Edward Woodward,
Jenny Agutter,
Ray Brooks,
Gemma Jones,
Cyril Shaps,
David Spenser,
Mary Wimbush
19 December 1971 bw tr
7 5 Summer and Smoke Tennessee Williams Alvin Rakoff (d) Lee Remick,
David Hedison,
Barry Morse,
Betsy Blair,
Wendy Miller,
Bruce Clark
23 January 1972 lost
7 6 Stephen D Hugh Leonard (play);
James Joyce (source texts)[18]
Donald McWhinnie (d) Donal McCann,
James Aspinall,
Pamela Duncan,
Martin Dempsey,
Pauline Delaney,
David Kelly,
Aidan Murphy,
Brendan Price,
Brenda Fricker
20 February 1972
7 7 The Merchant of Venice William Shakespeare Gerald Savory (p);
Cedric Messina (d)
Maggie Smith,
Frank Finlay,
Charles Gray,
Christopher Gable,
Robert Harris,
Malcolm Stoddard,
Nerys Hughes,
David Spenser,
John Moffatt,
Alan Tucker
16 April 1972 [19]
7 8 Lady Windermere's Fan Oscar Wilde Rudolph Cartier (d) Coral Browne,
Judy Geeson,
Liza Goddard,
Derek Godfrey,
Charles Gray,
James Villiers,
Judy Geeson,
Siân Phillips
14 May 1972 lost
7 9 Trelawny of the 'Wells' Arthur Wing Pinero Herbert Wise (d) John Alderton,
Graham Crowden,
Lally Bowers,
Roland Culver,
Ian Ogilvy,
Anthony Ainley,
Lila Kaye
13 August 1972[20]
8 1 The Millionairess George Bernard Shaw William Slater (d) Maggie Smith,
James Villiers,
Peter Barkworth,
Charles Gray,
Tom Baker,
Priscilla Morgan,
Avril Angers,
John Garrie,
Donald Pickering
15 September 1972[21][19][22]
8 2 Hedda Gabler Henrik Ibsen Waris Hussein (d) Janet Suzman,
Ian Mckellen,
Jane Asher,
Brendan Barry,
Dorothy Reynolds,
Tom Bell
20 October 1972 [23]
8 3 King Oedipus Sophocles Alan Bridges (d) Ian Holm,
Sheila Allen,
Alan Webb,
Anthony Bate,
Sydney Tafler,
George Coulouris,
Edward Kelsey,
Alan Rowe,
Ahmed Khalil,
Philip Ryan,
Sidney Kean
24 November 1972
8 4 The Magistrate Arthur Wing Pinero Bill Hays (d) Michael Hordern,
Geraldine McEwan,
Peter Firth,
Leonard Rossiter,
Anna Calder-Marshall,
Barrie Ingham,
Jan Francis,
Dudley Jones
20 December 1972 lost
8 5 The Adventures of Don Quixote[24] Miguel de Cervantes (novel);
Hugh Whitemore (adaptation)
Gerald Savory (p), Alvin Rakoff (d) Rex Harrison,
Frank Finlay,
Rosemary Leach,
Bernard Hepton,
Ronald Lacey,
Roger Delgado,
Robert Eddison,
Paul Whitsun-Jones,
John Hollis,
Walter Sparrow
7 January 1973
8 6 Candide Voltaire (novel);
James MacTaggart (adaptation)
James MacTaggart (d) Frank Finlay,
Ian Ogilvy,
Emrys James,
Angela Richards,
Kathleen Helme,
Leonard Maguire,
Jerome Willis,
John Woodnutt
16 February 1973
8 7 A Room with a View E. M. Forster (novel);
Pauline Macaulay (adaptation)
Donald McWhinnie (d) Judy Geeson,
Charles Gray,
Tom Chadbon,
John Sharp,
Robert Coote,
Lally Bowers,
Michael Guest
15 April 1973 seq
8 8 The Caucasian Chalk Circle Bertolt Brecht Bill Hays (d) Leo McKern,
Sara Kestelman,
Fanny Carby,
Donald Gee,
Peter Halliday,
Terence Hardiman,
Bernard Hepton,
Peter Jeffrey,
Patrick Magee,
Declan Mulholland,
James Mellor,
Edmund Pegge,
Robert Powell,
John Thaw,
Linda Thorson
16 May 1973 lost
9 1 The Love-Girl and the Innocent Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (novel) Alan Clarke (d) David Leland,
Gabrielle Lloyd,
Richard Durden,
Patrick Stewart,
Allan Surtees,
Barry Jackson,
John Kane,
Alan Gerrard,
Forbes Collins,
Reg Pritchard,
Eric Mason,
Edwin Finn,
John Herrington,
George Cormack,
Trevor Lawrence,
Carl Forgione,
Brian Grellis
16 September 1973
9 2 The Common Peter Nichols Christopher Morahan (d) Vivien Merchant,
Peter Jeffrey,
Dennis Waterman,
Gwen Taylor,
Shelagh Fraser,
Trevor Baxter,
Tony Sibbald
21 October 1973
9 3 The Recruiting Officer George Farquhar David Giles (d) Ian McKellen,
Prunella Ransome,
Jane Asher,
Brian Blessed,
Bryan Marshall,
John Moffatt,
John Welsh,
John Flint,
Charles Gray,
Eileen Helsby,
Mitzi McKenzie,
Graham Weston
18 November 1973 seq
9 4 Pygmalion George Bernard Shaw Christopher Morahan (p), Cedric Messina (d) James Villiers,
Lynn Redgrave,
Ronald Fraser,
Emrys James,
Lally Bowers,
Angela Baddeley,
Jon Rollason,
Sheila Grant,
John Cannon
16 December 1973 [22]
9 5 The Changeling* Thomas Middleton &
William Rowley
Anthony Page (d) Stanley Baker,
Helen Mirren,
Brian Cox,
Alan Webb,
T.P. McKenna,
Frances Tomelty,
Tony Selby,
Susan Penhaligon,
Christopher Saul
20 January 1974 [25]
9 6 The Importance of Being Earnest Oscar Wilde James MacTaggart (d) Michael Jayston,
Julian Holloway,
Gemma Jones,
Celia Bannerman,
Coral Browne,
Lally Bowers,
Richard Pearson,
Arthur Hewlett
17 February 1974 [26]
9 7 The Deep Blue Sea Terence Rattigan Rudolph Cartier (d) Virginia McKenna,
Peter Egan,
Stephen Murray,
Vladek Sheybal,
Joseph Blatchley,
John Moffatt,
Jon Croft
17 March 1974 lost
9 8 The Skin Game John Galsworthy William Slater (d) Paul Rogers,
Barbara Jefford,
Bernard Lee,
Judy Geeson,
John Collin,
Kate Nicholls,
Simon MacCorkindale,
David Garfield,
Edward Evans
19 May 1974
10 1 The Linden Tree J. B. Priestley Moira Armstrong (d) Andrew Cruikshank,
Margaret Tyzack,
Gary Bond,
Joanna Van Gyseghem,
Marilyn Taylerson,
Simon Lack,
Michael Craze
8 September 1974
10 2 Electra Sophocles Michael Lindsay-Hogg (d) Eileen Atkins,
Rosalie Crutchley,
Julian Glover,
Derek Godfrey,
Georgina Hale,
Susan Richards,
Martin Shaw
24 October 1974
10 3 The Wood Demon Anton Chekhov Donald McWhinnie (d) Ian Holm,
Francesca Annis
Ronald Hines,
Ronald Fraser,
Donal McCann,
Angela Pleasence,
Cyril Luckham,
Geoffrey Bayldon,
Vickery Turner,
Daphne Heard,
Jay Neill
17 November 1974 [12]
10 4 Robinson Crusoe*[27] Daniel Defoe (novel);
James MacTaggart (adaptation)
James MacTaggart (d) Stanley Baker,
Ram John Holder,
Jerome Willis
27 November 1974
10 5 The Apple Cart George Bernard Shaw Cedric Messina (d) Nigel Davenport,
Helen Mirren,
Peter Barkworth,
Bill Fraser,
Trevor Baxter,
Beryl Reid,
Reg Pritchard,
Simon Lack
19 January 1975 [22][25]
10 6 The School for Scandal Richard Brinsley Sheridan Stuart Burge (d) Jeremy Brett,
Pauline Collins,
Edward Fox,
Bernard Lee,
Arthur Lowe,
Andrew Robertson,
Colin Jeavons,
Russell Hunter
16 February 1975
10 7 King Lear William Shakespeare Jonathan Miller (d) Michael Hordern,
Sarah Badel,
Angela Down,
Michael Jayston,
Frank Middlemass,
Anthony Nicholls,
Ronald Pickup,
Penelope Wilton,
Benjamin Whitrow
23 March 1975
10 8 Strife John Galsworthy James Cellan Jones (d) Colin Blakely,
Clifford Evans,
Angela Down,
Nerys Hughes,
Trevor Cooper
18 May 1975
11 1 Chips with Everything Arnold Wesker Waris Husein (d) David Daker,
Lloyd McGuire,
Terence Budd,
Tim Woodward,
Karl Johnson,
Donald Hewlett,
David Troughton,
Terry Bale,
Leslie Schofield
28 September 1975
11 2 The Little Minister J. M. Barrie Alan Shallcross (p),
Cedric Messina (d)
Ian Ogilvy,
Helen Mirren,
Peter Barkworth,
Bill Simpson,
Anne Kristen,
Nicholas Jones,
David Bailie,
John Moffatt,
Simon Lack,
Robert James
2 November 1975 [25]
11 3 Love's Labour's Lost William Shakespeare Basil Coleman (d) Martin Shaw,
David Gwillim,
Martin C. Thurley,
Jeremy Brett,
James Berwick,
Terence Budd,
Maurice Denham,
Andrew Harding,
Victoria Plucknett,
Lorna Heilbron,
Clifford Rose,
Jan Francis,
Tony Haygarth,
David Bailie
14 December 1975
11 4 When We Are Married J. B. Priestley David Giles (d) Stuart Wilson,
John Stratton,
Beryl Reid,
Eric Porter,
Patricia Routledge,
Richard Pearson,
Thora Hird,
Mel Martin,
Kenneth Waller,
Ronnie Barker,
Sheila Reid
29 December 1975
11 5 Trilby George du Maurier (novel);
Hugh Whitemore (adaptation)
Piers Haggard (d) Alan Badel,
Sinéad Cusack,
Stuart Fox,
Michael Anthony,
Rosalie Crutchley,
Bruce Purchase,
Chris Gannon
25 January 1976
11 6 Loyalties John Galsworthy Rudolph Cartier (d) Edward Fox,
Charles Gray,
Polly Adams,
John Carson,
Peter Dyneley,
Dinah Sheridan,
Erik Chitty,
Roger Hammond,
Pat Gorman,
Andrew Lane,
Steve Plytas,
Geoffrey Palmer
29 February 1976
11 7 Chester Mystery Cycle Maurice Hussey (adaptation) Piers Haggard (d) Tom Courtenay,
Michael Hordern,
Alun Armstrong,
Hilda Braid,
Keith Chegwin,
Kenneth Colley,
Paul Copley,
Christopher Guard,
Brian Glover,
Tony Haygarth,
David Jackson,
Kevin McNally,
John Normington,
Terry Scully,
Nina Thomas,
Raymond Westwell
18 April 1976
11 8 French Without Tears Terence Rattigan[28] John Gorrie (d) Nigel Havers,
David Robb,
Anthony Andrews,
Natalie Caron,
Vernon Dobtcheff,
Michael Gambon,
Nicola Pagett
16 May 1976 [14]
12 1 The Picture of Dorian Gray* Oscar Wilde
John Osborne (play adaptation)
John Gorrie (d) John Gielgud,
Peter Firth,
Mark Dignam,
Jeremy Brett,
Nan Munro,
Gwen Ffrangcon-Davies,
Michael Barrington,
Judi Bowker,
Nicholas Ball,
Lawrence Davidson,
Reginald Barratt,
Paul Greenhalgh
19 September 1976 [11]
12 2 London Assurance Dion Boucicault (play)
Gerald Savory (adaptation)
Ronald Wilson (d) Anthony Andrews,
Judy Cornwell,
Jan Francis,
Charles Gray,
Dinsdale Landen,
Clifford Rose,
Nigel Stock,
James Bree,
George Raistrick,
Nat Pearn
10 October 1976
12 3 Look Back in Anger John Osborne John Glenister (d) James Hazeldine,
Ciaran Madden,
Neil Daglish,
Chrissy Iddon,
Thorley Walters
21 November 1976
12 4 The Winslow Boy Terence Rattigan David Giles (d) Jonathan Scott-Taylor,
Simon Chandler,
Ann Beach,
Eric Porter,
Diana Fairfax
Michele Dotrice,
Kenneth Waller
16 January 1977 [14]
12 5 The Country Wife William Wycherley Donald McWhinnie (d) Helen Mirren,
Bernard Cribbins,
Anthony Andrews,
Amanda Barrie,
Adrienne Corri,
Ciaran Madden,
John Nettleton,
Michael Cochrane
13 February 1977 [25]
12 6 The Ambassadors Henry James (novel)
Denis Constanduros (adaptation)
James Cellan Jones Paul Scofield,
Lee Remick,
Delphine Seyrig,
David Huffman,
Gayle Hunnicutt,
Don Fellows,
William Hootkins
13 March 1977
12 7 Heartbreak House George Bernard Shaw Alan Shallcross (p);
Cedric Messina (d)
John Gielgud,
Siân Phillips,
Barbara Murray,
Daniel Massey,
Lesley-Anne Down,
David Waller,
Donald Pickering,
Barry Jackson
19 May 1977 [22]
13 1 You Never Can Tell George Bernard Shaw David Jones (p); James Cellan Jones (d) Robert Powell,
Kika Markham,
Ernest Clark,
Warren Clarke,
Cyril Cusack,
Patrick Magee,
Judy Parfitt,
Kate Nicholls
30 October 1977 [22]
13 2 Waste Harley Granville-Barker David Jones (p);
Don Taylor (d)
Paul Daneman,
Hannah Gordon,
Joyce Carey,
Heather Chasen,
Annette Crosbie,
Robert Lang,
André Morell,
Stephen Murray,
Donald Pickering,
Alan Rowe,
Michael Cashman
4 December 1977
13 3 Flint David Mercer David Jones (p); Peter Wood (d) John Le Mesurier,
Julie Covington,
Peter Bowles,
Dandy Nichols,
Beryl Reid,
Philip Stone,
John Bailey
15 January 1978
13 4 The Seagull Anton Chekhov David Jones (p); Michael Lindsay Hogg (d) Anthony Bate,
Zoe Caldwell,
Michael Gambon,
Georgina Hale,
Stephen Rea,
Julia Schofield,
Alan Webb,
John Kane,
Allan Surtees
5 February 1978 [12]
13 5 The Sea Edward Bond David Jones (p); Jane Howell Judy Campbell,
Mark Dignam,
Victor Spinetti
5 March 1978
13 6 The Beaux' Stratagem George Farquhar James Cellan Jones (p); David Jones (d) Brenda Bruce,
Tom Conti,
Estelle Kohler,
Ian Ogilvy,
David Waller,
Julie Peasgood,
Jay Neill,
Zoë Wanamaker,
Malcolm Terris,
Tony Haygarth,
Freddie Jones,
Souad Faress,
Norman Rodway,
Ray Callaghan
2 April 1978
13 7 Danton's Death Georg Büchner (play)
Alan Clarke &
Stuart Griffiths (adaptation)
David Jones (p);, Alan Clarke (d) Norman Rodway,
Ian Richardson,
Peter Gordon,
Katherine Fahey,
Felicity Gibson,
Don Henderson,
Michael Bilton,
Nigel Lambert,
Michael Pennington,
John Woodnutt,
Zoë Wanamaker
23 April 1978
14 1 Kean Alexandre Dumas, père (play);
Jean-Paul Sartre (play)
David Jones (p); James Cellan Jones (d) Anthony Hopkins,
Neville Phillips
Sara Kestelman,
Adrienne Corri,
Barrie Ingham,
Robert Stephens,
Frank Middlemass,
Cherie Lunghi,
Hugh Walters,
George Tovey,
Harry Fielder
26 November 1978
14 2 Marya Isaak Babel (play);
Christopher Hampton (adaptation)
David Jones (p); Jack Gold (d) Trevor Peacock,
Paddy Joyce,
Clive Revill,
Niall Padden,
Michael Byrne,
Lisa Harrow,
Paul Rogers,
Susan Tracy,
Paul Freeman
14 January 1979
14 3 The Voysey Inheritance Harley Granville-Barker David Jones (p); Robert Knights (d) Jeremy Irons,
Brewster Mason,
Jeremy Child,
Julie Covington,
Dulcie Gray,
Edward Fox,
Barbara Leigh-Hunt
4 February 1979
14 4 Hello and Goodbye Athol Fugard Louis Marks (p), Claude Whatham (d) Yvonne Bryceland,
Bill Flynn
4 March 1979
14 5 The Wings of the Dove Henry James (novel);
Denis Constanduros (adaptation)
Alan Shallcross (p); John Gorrie (d) Elizabeth Spriggs,
Betsy Blair,
John Castle,
Suzanne Bertish,
Lisa Eichhorn,
Rupert Frazer,
Alan Rowe,
Gino Melvazzi
8 April 1979
14 6 Design for Living Noël Coward Louis Marks (p); Philip Saville (d) Rula Lenska,
Clive Arrindell,
John Steiner,
John Bluthal,
Dandy Nichols
6 May 1979 [29]
15 1 I Have Been Here Before J. B. Priestley Louis Marks (p); James Ormerod (d) Herbert Lom,
Anthony Valentine,
Lorna Heilbron,
Leslie Sands,
James Griffiths
24 May 1982
15 2 On Approval Frederick Lonsdale David Giles (d) Penelope Keith,
Jeremy Brett,
Lindsay Duncan,
Benjamin Whitrow
21 June 1982[30]
15 3 Little Eyolf Henrik Ibsen Louis Marks (p); Michael Darlow (d) Anthony Hopkins,
Diana Rigg,
Peggy Ashcroft,
Emma Piper,
Charles Dance,
Timothy Stark
19 July 1982 [16][31]
15 4 The Critic Richard Brinsley Sheridan (play);
Don Taylor (additional dialogue)
Louis Marks (p); Don Taylor (d) John Gielgud,
Hywel Bennett,
Nigel Hawthorne,
Rosemary Leach,
Norman Rodway,
Alan Badel,
Anna Massey,
Rodney Bewes,
Christopher Biggins
23 August 1982
15 5 The White Guard Mikhail Bulgakov (novel);
Michael Glenny (adaptation)
Louis Marks (p); Don Taylor (d) Michael Pennington,
Laura Davenport,
Nigel Havers,
Charles Keating,
John Shrapnel,
Charles Kay,
Gordon Gostelow,
Michael Graham Cox,
Michael N. Harbour,
Martin Clunes,
Glen Murphy,
John Ringham,
Oliver Smith,
Walter Sparrow
20 September 1982
16 1 Dangerous Corner J. B. Priestley James Ormerod (d) Anthony Valentine,
Sarah Badel,
David Robb,
Judi Bowker,
Daniel Day-Lewis,
Elvi Hale,
Susan Fleetwood
22 May 1983
16 2 The Gay Lord Quex Arthur Wing Pinero Louis Marks (p); Claude Whatham (d) Hannah Gordon,
Evelyn Laye,
Rosalind Ayres,
Julian Holloway,
Lucy Gutteridge,
Anton Rodgers
13 June 1983
16 3 Infidelities Pierre de Marivaux Louis Marks; Michael Darlow (d) Charlotte Rampling,
Robin Askwith,
Victor Spinetti,
James Aubrey,
Leonie Mellinger
12 September 1983


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