Playa Ancha University of Educational Sciences

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Playa Ancha University of Educational Sciences
Universidad de Playa Ancha de Ciencias de la Educación
Established 1948
Type Traditional
Rector Patricio Sanhueza Vivanco
Students 10755
Location Valparaíso, V Región, Chile
Campus Urban
Universidad de Playa Ancha de Ciencias de la Educación.jpg

Playa Ancha University of Educational Sciences (Spanish: Universidad de Playa Ancha de Ciencias de la Educación) is a university in Chile. It is a derivative university part of the Chilean Traditional Universities, belonging to the select group of twenty five rector's Council universities. The university has on two campuses: the major one in Valparaíso on Calle Playa Ancha 850 and the second one in San Felipe.

The university has a vast tradition in the education area and is deeply involved with the community of Valparaiso and San Felipe.


The university was founded 1948 in Vaparaíso as "Instituto Pedagógico de la Universidad de Chile" with the intention to enhance the study of languages. Former careers were Pedagogy on Spanish, French and English languages; in 1951 a Philosophy career and a year later the first Chilean School for Journalism and an "Escuela Normal" for Women were founded.

In 1981 new areas and programs were inaugurated. In 1956 the career Pedagogy for German language was added; in 1962 the disciplines for Biology, Philosophy, History and Geography; in 1968 Pedagogy for Primary School; in 1969 Library sciences; in 1971 Pedagogy for Plastic Arts, Pedagogy for Musical Arts and Pedagogy for Pre-School Education.

Today the university is going through a process of modernization of its infrastructure, with a new library in the major campus, located in Valparaiso, and the construction of the natural sciences and engineering faculty in the same city.

Faculties and careers[edit]


  • Multilingual touristic administration
  • Geography
  • Pedagogy in Spanish language
  • Pedagogy in Philosophy
  • Pedagogy in History and Geography
  • Pedagogy in English
  • English-Spanish translation and interpretation


  • Design draftsman
  • Graphic design
  • Graduate in Arts
  • Pedagogy in Plastic Arts
  • Pedagogy in Musical Education
  • Pedagogy in Technological Education
  • Theatre (Acting)


  • Pedagogy in Special Education
  • Preschool Education
  • Pedagogy in Primary Education
  • Pedagogy in Primary Education, with Mentions of Rural Education and Development

Natural Sciences[edit]

  • Pedagogy in Biology and Sciences
  • Pedagogy in Physics and Computing
  • Pedagogy in Mathematics and Computing
  • Pedagogy in Chemistry and Sciences

School of Cs. Physical Activity and Sport[edit]

  • Pedagogy in Physical Education, Ladies
  • Pedagogy in Physical Education, Men
  • Technology in Sports and Entertaining

Social Sciences[edit]

  • Librarianship
  • Journalism
  • Sociology


  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Civil Engineering
  • Industries Civil Engineering
  • Engineering in Informatics
  • Statistics Engineering

Health Sciences[edit]

  • Kinesiology
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Occupational Therapy

Notable alumni[edit]

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