Playero 37

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Playero 37
Studio album by DJ Playero
Released July 1, 1992 (P.R.)
Recorded 1992
Genre Proto-reggaeton / Dancehall
Label Play Ground Records
Producer DJ Playero
DJ Playero chronology
Mixtapes Underground
Playero 37
Playero 38

Playero 37 is DJ Playero's first studio album. Playero started working with fellow reggae singers from his neighborhood, Villa Carolina, in Puerto Rico. It was one of the first reggaeton albums to achieve mainstream level and along with DJ Negro's The Noise Vol. 1 And DJ Eric's Street Style Vol. 1 helped reggaeton to reach higher popularity levels. Playero made two editions: the first one came out in 1993 in a single CD, with two tracks of more than twenty minutes long, mixed and edited by Playero from a 90 minutes long cassette edition. Years later, Playero re-edited and remastered the cassette and produced a full length 2-CD collection, splitting the tracks and recalling it "Playero 37: The Original."

This production brings to scene many of the singers that became superstars initially in Puerto Rico, and later in Dominican Republic and other Latin American countries. This is the first production for Daddy Yankee with Playero. His song "Donde Mi No Vengas" was an instant hit and gave Daddy Yankee huge mainstream airplay. Some of the singers who made it big here were Master Joe, OG Black, Baby J, Buru Fast, Blanco Flake, and Fellas Rican King.

Playero 37 was filled with songs promoting marijuana use, provoking authorities and general legal and social institutions to ask for petitions to ban the album. This was the reason why the genre first was called underground.

Track listing[edit]

Side A: Dance Hall Mix

  1. OG Black
  2. Wiso G.
  3. Master Joe
  4. Baby J
  5. Master Joe
  6. Q Mack Daddy
  7. OG Black
  8. Baby J
  9. Master Joe
  10. B.F. Yaviah
  11. Gomy Man
  12. Master Joe
  13. Baby J
  14. OG Black
  15. Q Mack Daddy
  16. Genio
  17. Frankie Boy
  18. Buru Fast
  19. 2 Sweet
  20. Blanco

Side B: Ragga Moonfin Mix

  1. Daddy Yankee
  2. Master Joe y Playero
  3. Fellas Rican King
  4. B.F. Yaviah
  5. DJ Playero
  6. 2 Sweet
  7. Master Joe
  8. Fat Flavor

Playero 37: The Original

  1. Donde Mi No Venga, Nunca Me Quedo Atras, Yamilette, Ya Va Sonando - Daddy Yankee
  2. Original Si Soy Yo - Master Joe y Playero
  3. From, From The Weed - Fellas Rican King
  4. Si Tu Quieres Fumar - B.F. Yaviah
  5. Mi Amor - 2 Sweet
  6. Vuelve Master Joe, Echa Pa' Ca, Te Gusta El Blunt, Ya (Master Joe) - Master Joe, Chino Man, Fat Flavor
  7. Interlude Break - DJ Playero
  8. Para Ti - OG Black y Q Mack Daddy
  9. Marijuana Quiero Fumar - Buru Fast
  10. Quien Dijo - Fat Flavor, Master Joe, Funkie Ed, Genio
  11. Hazle Un Hechizo - OG Black
  12. Mountain Spash - 3 On Mic
  13. Se Te Hundio El Barco - 3 Two Get Funky
  14. Quiero, Quiero - DJ Playero
  15. Tiempo Ya - Master Joe, O.G. Black, Q Mack Daddy, DJ Playero
  16. Intro - DJ Playero
  17. Tu No Me Lo Cortas - Ranking Stone
  18. Muevete Asi - Frankie Boy
  19. La Predilecta - OG Black
  20. Corre y Baila - Wiso G.
  21. Atencion - Master Joe
  22. Dame Tu Amor - Baby J, Master Joe
  23. La Campeona, Oyeme Mamita, Eres Tu, Listo - Q Mack Daddy, OG Black, Baby J, Master Joe
  24. Oye Chiquitico - B.F. Yaviah
  25. Impro - Gomy Man
  26. No Inventes - Master Joe
  27. Corre y Buscalo - Baby J
  28. 37 Pa' Desordenar, Me Toca Implantar - OG Black, Q Mack Daddy
  29. Numero 1 - Frankie Boy
  30. Pedaleando - Buru Fast
  31. Numero 1 - 2 Sweet
  32. Besa Tu Cuerpo - Blanco
  33. Prendelo, Subelo - Lisa M.
  34. Del Cuarto A La Cocina - Gomy Man
  35. Interesada - Maicol y Manuel
  36. No Podras - Master Joe
  37. La Quiero y La Amo - Baby J
  38. Forma De Bailar - Daddy Yankee y Bimbo