Musquodoboit Valley

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The Musquodoboit Valley (pronunciation: /ˌmʌskəˈdbɨt/ MUSS-kə-DOH-bit) is a Canadian valley and region in northeastern Halifax County, Nova Scotia.

Administratively located in the Halifax Regional Municipality's Musquodoboit Valley & Dutch Settlement planning area, the picturesque Musquodoboit River flows through the valley.

The northeastern end of the valley is agricultural and the valley is framed by the Wittenburg Ridge and Glenmore Mountain along the Halifax-Colchester county border to the north and a series of low hills to the south. The southern half of the valley passes through dense forests growing in glacially-scoured terrain through to the mouth of the river at Musquodoboit Harbour. The western edge of the region includes communities that are considered part of the commutershed for the urban area of the Halifax Regional Municipality.

The upper part of the Musquodoboit Valley comprises the largest farming district in the Halifax Regional Municipality. The annual Halifax County Exhibition is held each summer in the valley farming community of Middle Musquodoboit. Another important local industry is forestry.


The valley comprises the following communities, from the upper reaches of the river in the northeast to its outlet into the Atlantic Ocean in the south:

Coordinates: 45°01′N 63°11′W / 45.017°N 63.183°W / 45.017; -63.183