Please Send Me Someone to Love

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"Please Send Me Someone to Love"
Specialty Records

"Please Send Me Someone to Love" is a blues ballad, written and recorded by Percy Mayfield in 1950, on Art Rupe's Specialty Records label. It was on the R&B chart for 27 weeks and reached the number one position; it was Mayfield's most successful song.[1]

It has been called a "multilayered universal lament".[2] Mayfield sang it in a soft ballad style. Its appeal lay in the sensitivity of its lyrics in juxaposing an awareness of a world in conflict, with a personal expression of the need for love.[3] Sung in Mayfield's gentle, suave vocal style, the lyrics were a combination of a romantic love ballad and a social message against discrimination.[4]


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Preceded by
"Anytime, Any Place, Anywhere" by Joe Morris and His Orchestra featuring Laurie Tate
Billboard Best Selling Retail Rhythm & Blues Records number-one single
November 4, 1950
Succeeded by
"Teardrops from My Eyes" by Ruth Brown