Pleasure Man

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For the Günther album, see Pleasureman.
Pleasure Man
Written by Mae West
Date premiered October 1, 1928 (1928-10-01)
Place premiered Biltmore Theatre
Setting New York City

Pleasure Man is a 1928 play by Mae West.[1]

Production history[edit]

As per tradition, it opened outside of Manhattan at the Bronx Opera House September 16 and then showed in Queens, New York at the Boulevard Theatre (Queens). The play's Broadway debut was October 1, 1928 at the Biltmore Theatre.[2]

After the show, police arrested the entire cast of 56 after a performance at the Biltmore Theatre and they were charged with indecency.[3] The events stirred the media and the Evening Post (New York) ran the headline "Mae West raid open crusade to purify stage; mayor Walker alleged sponsor of drive to purify Broadway". An injunction allowed for a matinee performance the next day, but even with some bits of the show cut out, it was raided again, this time during the performance, and the cast rearrested.[2]

The show was described as depicting backstage burlesque and one reviewer called it the "queerest show you've ever seen" and as having "all the Queens" in it. Another review noted the presence of "Harlem bacchanales". A couple of favorable reviews found it entertaining, but most reviewers gave it rather scornful criticism including description of it as "filth" and "foul exhibitionism".[2]

West later wrote an expanded, novelized version of the play, published in 1975.[4]

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