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Pledis Entertainment
Founded 2007
Founder Han Sungsoo (CEO)
Status Active
Distributor(s) LOEN Entertainment
Neowiz Internet
Genre K-pop
Country of origin South Korea
Location Yeoksam dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Official website

Pledis Entertainment is a South Korean music label, home to artists Son Dam Bi, Park Kahi, After School, After School's sub-unit Orange Caramel, NU’EST and Hello Venus.

Pledis History[edit]

The CEO of Pledis Entertainment is Han Sung Soo. In 2007, he took Park Kahi and Son Dam Bi to create Pledis. They had no building nor an office, only a practice room.[1] Pledis Entertainment held auditions in San Francisco and Los Angeles in 2011. Through these auditions, they hope to meet highly inspired and talented people.[2]

Artists History[edit]

Son Dam Bi was the first artist to debut under Pledis in 2007. She was named the female version of Rain.[3] Pledis debuted their first girl group After School in 2009. In 2010, Pledis debuted a sub-unit of After School, Orange Caramel. Pledis artists came together for the first time for the Happy Pledis 2010 album. The first Happy Pledis Album was released on 6 December 2010 and consisted of 4 tracks; "Love Love Love" as their album single, "Someone Is You" and 2 instrumentals of the two songs. Pledis had planned a series of "Happy Pledis" albums with their artists After School, Son Dambi, and Orange Caramel as a surprise gift for the fans. A portion of the profits from the "Happy Pledis" albums would be donated to the “Save the Children” organization. In 2011 after their comeback After School split into two sub units; A.S. Red & A.S. Blue. They both debuted at the same time.[4] Happy Pledis 2011 was released in December. A portion of the Happy Pledis 2011 earnings was donated to UNICEF to help look after those in need, and the album is also a gift to the fans who have shown the artists so much love and interest. The album included Son Dambi, After School, NU'EST, Pledis Boys, and Yoo Ara of Hello Venus.[5] On March 15, 2012, Pledis debut their first boy band NU’EST. In 2012 Pledis' second girl group Hello Venus debuted on May 9.[6] In June 2012, Kahi graduated from After School but will remain with Pledis as she pursues a solo career

Happy Pledis[edit]

  • Happy Pledis 2011 Album - Love Love Love
  • Happy Pledis 2012 Album - Love Letter
  • Happy Pledis 2013 Digital Single - Dashing through the snow with high heels

Recording Artists[edit]

Debut Artists Gender Members Leader Status Fanclub name Fanclub Official Colour
2007 Son Dam Bi Female - - Active DBLV -
2009 After School Female 8 Jungah Active Playgirlz & Playboyz Yellow
2010 Orange Caramel Female 3 Raina Active Playgirlz & Playboyz Yellow
2011 Park Kahi Female - - Active - -
2012 NU'EST Male 5 JR Active L.O.Λ.E Neon Pink
2012 Hello Venus Female 6 Yoo Ara Active Hello Cupid Lime Green
2014 Donny Han (Han Dong Geun) Male - Scheduled
2014 Seventeen Male 17 Scheduled

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