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Plenum may refer to:

  • Plenum chamber, a chamber intended to contain air, gas, or liquid at positive pressure
  • Plenism, or Horror vacui ("nature abhors a vacuum")
  • Plenum (meeting), a meeting of a deliberative assembly in which all members are present; contrast with quorum
  • Plenum space, enclosed spaces (in buildings) used for airflow
  • Plenum cable, electrical wire permitted in plenum spaces per building codes
  • Plenum Publishing Corporation, a publisher of scientific books and journals
  • Plenum (physics), a space completely filled with matter
  • Plenum filtration, aquarium filtration using a deep sand bed with a gap below it
  • Plenum internal flow feature, the opposite of a bottle neck, a sudden expansion, then contraction, in pipe diameter, often found at a pipe joint
  • Plenum, furnace, in a forced air furnace, a (commonly sheet metal) enclosure that acts to collect return air from one or more sources, or to supply hot air to one or more duct systems.

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