Plesetsk Cosmodrome Site 132

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Site 132 (Chusovaya)
Launch site Plesetsk Cosmodrome
Location 62°53′1″N 40°52′11″E / 62.88361°N 40.86972°E / 62.88361; 40.86972Coordinates: 62°53′1″N 40°52′11″E / 62.88361°N 40.86972°E / 62.88361; 40.86972
Short name Pu-132
Operator Russian Space Forces
Total launches Unknown
Launch pad(s) Two
Site 132/1 launch history
Status Active
Known Launches 231
First launch 15 May 1967
Last launch 27 April 2010
Associated rockets Kosmos-3
Site 132/2 launch history
Status Inactive
Known Launches 154
First launch 26 June 1967
Last launch 25 April 1990
Associated rockets Kosmos-3

Site 132, also known as Chusovaya[1] (Russian: Чусова́я), is a launch complex at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in Russia, used by Kosmos carrier rockets. It consists of a two launch pads, Site 133/1, which is active, and Site 133/2 which is not.

The first launch from Site 132/1 was conducted on either 15 May or 26 June 1967, with the first known launch from Site 132/2 following on 26 June. The last launch from Site 132/2 occurred on 25 April 1990. Both pads were used by the same two rockets, the Kosmos-3 and Kosmos-3M. Although most Kosmos-3M launches have been conducted from Site 132, several early tests were conducted from Site 131, however it is not known which ones, or how many. Some launches were also conducted from Site 133.


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