Plessur Alps

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Plessur Alps
Arosa weisshorn 14 08 06.JPG
Aroser Weisshorn (2,653m/8,704ft)
Highest point
Peak Aroser Rothorn
Elevation 2,985 m (9,793 ft)
Coordinates 46°44′N 9°38′E / 46.733°N 9.633°E / 46.733; 9.633Coordinates: 46°44′N 9°38′E / 46.733°N 9.633°E / 46.733; 9.633
Country Switzerland
State Graubünden
Parent range Central Eastern Alps

The Plessur Alps are a mountain range in the Alps of eastern Switzerland. They are considered to be part of the Central Eastern Alps. They are named after the river Plessur, which originates from the center of the ranges. The Plessur Alps are separated from the Glarus Alps in the west by the Rhine valley; from the Rätikon range in the north by the Landquart river valley (Prättigau); from the Albula Alps in the south-east by the Landwasser river valley; from the Oberhalbstein Alps in the south by the Albula river valley.

The Plessur Alps are drained by the rivers Rhine, Plessur, Landwasser and Landquart. The ski resort Arosa lies in the middle of the range.

Peaks of the Plessur Alps are the Aroser Rothorn (highest, 2985m = 9794 ft) and Stätzer Horn (2576m = 8450 ft).

A mountain pass in the Plessur Alps is the Strela Pass, from Davos to Langwies, elevation 2377m.


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