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Plug, PLUG, plugs, or plugged may refer to:


An electrical connector, such as:

  • Power connector, including:
  • Plug (connector), commonly a movable connector usually with the male electrical contact or pin, and is the "movable less fixed" connector of a connector pair
  • Jack (connector), commonly a surface-mounted connector usually with the female electrical contact or socket, and is the "more fixed" connector of a connector pair

Media and entertainment[edit]

  • Plug, a character from The Bash Street Kids comic strip
  • Plug, a short-lived British comic that featured Plug from The Bash Street Kids
  • The public mentioning of a product or event, as a form of marketing
  • Plugged, a short film satirizing advertising directed by Tim Russ
  • Plugged, a 2011 novel by Eoin Colfer
  • Plugged, a 1996 live album by Starflyer 59
  • Plugged!, a 1995 album by Vin Garbutt
  • Plugged, a 1995 album by The Bobs
  • Plug Plug, a Peruvian post hardcore band

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