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This article is about the magazine and website Plugged In. For the Dave Edmunds album, see Plugged In (album).
Plugged In
Categories Christianity
Company Focus on the Family
Country  United States
Language English
Website Plugged In

Plugged In was a monthly magazine published by Focus on the Family. Its print version was discontinued and now it survives as a web site, Plugged In Online.[1]

Plugged In reviewed movies, music, general media, and pop cultural issues from a conservative Christian perspective. A religious counterpart to magazines such as Entertainment Weekly and Teen People; their reviews focused on evaluating the morals of movies as well as their family-friendliness. Plugged In also noted if a movie contains subtle negative or provocative messages woven into the movie. The Passion of the Christ was a notable exception, as were a few others such as Saving Private Ryan, in that it received positive reviews despite containing a large amount of graphic violence, normally a negative aspect in the magazine. There are four main areas that Plugged In covered: movies, music, video games,[2] and television (books made appearances occasionally).

Plugged In Online continues what the magazine did, reviewing movies, music, television, and video games, and also has a weekly podcast, a blog, and an email newsletter.


  • Bob Smithouser[3] - Editor
  • Steven Isaac - Online Editor
  • Adam R. Holz - Associate Editor
  • Marcus Yoars - Associate Editor
  • Bob Hoose - Associate Editor
  • Kevin Simpson - Designer
  • Bob Waliszewski - Director
  • Jim Daly - President
  • James Dobson - Founder


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