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Origin Sande, Norway
Genres folk rock,
Years active 2002–present
Members Lars Erik Blokkhus
Tommy Elstad
Tor Erik Knutsen
Past members Reidar Fiskebøl
Dag Arve Sandnes
Nils Magne Pettersen
Hasse Rønningen

Plumbo is a Norwegian rock and folk rock band from Sande, Vestfold, Norway. The three-piece band consists of Lars Erik Blokkhus (vocals, guitar), Tommy Elstad (bass) and Hasse Rønningen (drums) with assistance from supporting musician Glenn Hauger on accordion, flute. The repertoire includes Norwegian songs with a traditional twist, rock music elements and international appeal.

The name Plumbo is taken from a brand of drain cleaner sold in Norway.


The band's first release was the album Full åpning in 2002. Their next album, På vei til Harryland!, came in 2007. The band's breathrough however came with Råkk'n Råll Harry reaching No. 11 on the Norwegian Albums Chart. Their biggest hit song is the 2011 single "Møkkamann" from that album that peaked at No. 1 in the Norwegian Singles Chart and subsequently won "Hit of the Year 2011" at Spellemannprisen 2012.[1][2] The band received a trophy based on votes from the general public. In 2011, they band entered the "Drømmelåta i Holmestrand" music competition, produced by TV 2, with their song "Drømmeland". After winning the Spellemannprisen, "Møkkamann" topped the VG-lista, the official Norwegian Singles Chart. Plumbo is a the main band attraction at gatebil rudskogen every summer. They make a big party with sexy girls typical ragger songs and alcohol.

"Møkkamann" controversy[edit]

On 14 January 2012, during the annual Spellemannprisen in Oslo, Plumbo gained some negative attention after lead singer Lars Erik Blokkhus accepted the prize for best song, for "Møkkamann" (roughly translated as "Dirt man" or "Shit man"), and proceeded to make a remark, meant as a joke, to the dark-skinned hosts Tshawe Baqwa and Yosef Wolde-Mariam, members of the popular Norwegian duo Madcon, saying that seeing them he thought the song got a new name; Mokkamann (literally Mocha man). After his remark, Blokkhus has apologized several times for his comment.

Plumbo was immediately condemned for the comment by several well-known Norwegian artists and media outlets. However, a majority of the Norwegian public denounced the condemnation and multiple sympathy and support campaigns for the band were launched after the incident, promoting large scale voting for their song "Ola Nordmann" in the Melodi Grand Prix.[citation needed]



Year Album Peak position Certifications Track list
2002 Full åpning  –
  1. "Alminnelig mann"
  2. "Spinnvill"
  3. "Engel"
  4. "Rir avsted"
  5. "På god vei Nes"
  6. "Tirsdag & Torsdag"
  7. "Jomfrusang"
  8. "Siste stopp"
  9. "Party"
  10. "Samme dyne"
2007 På vei til Harryland!  –
  1. "Riksvei 96"
  2. "Harry Hoover"
  3. "Harryland"
  4. "Konger av sommeren"
  5. "Gi meg en bayer"
  6. "Tørst som faen"
  7. "En liten jævel"
  8. "Elle melle"
  9. "Lever livet"
  10. "Slutte å drekke"
  11. "Ut mot havet 2007" with Rune Rudberg
2010 Råkk'n Råll Harry 11
  1. "Møkkamann"
  2. "Kong Alkohol"
  3. "Deilig"
  4. "Gamle Harrymann"
  5. "Heite mæ hæij"
  6. "I ei havn"
  7. "Guri og en Chevy"
  8. "Sommernatt"
  9. "Råkk'n Råll Harry"
  10. "Kong Alkohol" (Dance remix)
2012 Rådebank 2
  1. "Rådebank"
  2. "Ola Nordmann"
  3. "Ta meg"
  4. "Drømmeland"
  5. "SvartePer"
  6. "Kjærlighet"
  7. "Paradise hotell"
  8. "Gimle sag"
  9. "Bestemors hus"
  10. "Bønder i byen"
2014 Kom som dæ sjæl 7
  1. "Kom som dæ sjæl"
  2. "Vandrern"
  3. "Hold rundt meg i natt"
  4. "Mine barns bein"
  5. "Tia går"
  6. "Sånn gjør vi det"
  7. "Hilux lasteplan"
  8. "Helt Texas"
  9. "Kansje i natt"
  10. "Tøft å ha det tøft"
Live albums / DVDs
Year Album Peak position Certifications Track list
2012 Møkkamenn Live 11
  1. "Kong Alkohol"
  2. "Tørst som faen"
  3. "Harry Hoover"
  4. "Kongen av sommeren"
  5. "Guri og en Chevy"
  6. "Harryland"
  7. "Råkk'n Råll Harry"
  8. "Engel"
  9. "Slutte å drekke"
  10. "Sommernatt"
  11. "I ei havn"
  12. "Heite mæ hælj"
  13. "Gi meg en bayer"
  14. "Gamle Harrymann"
  15. "Møkkamann"


Year Single Peak chart positions Album
"Møkkamann" 1 Råkk'n Råll Harry
2012 "Ola Nordmann" 4 Rådebank
2012 "Ta meg" - Rådebank


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