Po Lam Station

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Po Lam
Hong Kong MTR rapid transit station
Po Lam Station 2013 11 part1.JPG
Platform 1
Hong Kong MTR system map
Hong Kong MTR system map
Location of Po Lam Station in Hong Kong
Station location and services
Line  Tseung Kwan O Line
Code POA
District Sai Kung
Area Po Lam
Coordinates 22°19′21″N 114°15′29″E / 22.3224°N 114.258°E / 22.3224; 114.258Coordinates: 22°19′21″N 114°15′29″E / 22.3224°N 114.258°E / 22.3224; 114.258
Connections Bus, Minibus
Service hours 0600/0050
Station design
Livery  FF8800
Structure Ground Level
Platforms 1
Type of platform Side
Exits 6
Escalators 3
Lifts 1
Opened 18 August 2002
Rail services
Preceding station   MTR   Following station
towards North Point
Tseung Kwan O Line Terminus

Po Lam Station
Traditional Chinese 寶琳
Simplified Chinese 宝琳
Literal meaning Precious Gem
The concourse
Exit C

Po Lam is a Hong Kong MTR station located in Po Lam. It is the northern terminus for the Tseung Kwan O Line. It proceeds to Hang Hau station. Although the station is at ground level, it is covered, though not completely sealed, from the outside.

Po Lam station's main entrance is on Mau Yip Road, where five pedestrian footbridges link the station to a public transport interchange for ground transport. It is possible to access directly Metro City and The Pinnacle from the concourse of the station. Another footbridge crosses Po Fung Road and allows residents of Po Lam Estate, Ying Ming Court and Well On Garden direct access to the station.

Station layout[edit]

Footbridge Exits, MTRShops
Vending machines, ATMs
Footbridge Metro City Phase 2 and 3, Po Lam Estate, Transportation Interchange
Footbridge Footbridges to rooftop garden, The Pinnacle, King Lam Estate
Tseung Kwan O Public Library, Tseung Kwan O Swimming Pool
Platform 1  Tseung Kwan O Line towards North Point or LOHAS Park[1] (Hang Hau)
Side platform, doors will open on the left
Concourse Exits, Customer Service, MTR Shops
Vending Machines
Octopus Card Promotion Machines

Unlike most MTR stations, the concourse, gates and platform are at the same level, and there is only one platform from which trains depart in the same direction as they arrived. This necessitates the halting of trains from Hang Hau midway between the stations while a train currently at the station departs. At the same time, any trains arriving at Po Lam will only stay for a much shorter time before departing when compared to other MTR terminals.

The original design of the station was to have two tracks sharing an island platform, and a concourse above the platforms. However, the MTRC, on the advice of the contractors, decided on the current layout, with the concourse replacing what was going to be the second track and part of the island platform, after realizing that it would be unlikely for the Tseung Kwan O Line to be extended past Po Lam, and to save construction cost. In the current layout, passengers can exit/enter the station from/to the platform in less than one minute.


  • A1: Metro City Plaza III
  • A2: Metro City Plaza II
  • B1: Metro City Plaza II
  • B2: Metro City Plaza I
  • B3: King Lam Estate
  • C: Mau Yip Road Wheelchair user access


  1. ^ Passengers to LOHAS Park Station need to change trains to LOHAS Park at Tseung Kwan O Station.

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