Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble

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Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble
Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble cover.jpg
Self-titled album cover
Korean name
Chosŏn'gŭl 보천보전자악단
Hancha 普天堡電子樂團
Revised Romanization Bocheonbo-jeonja-akdan
McCune–Reischauer Poch'ŏnbo-jŏnja-aktan

The Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble is an orchestra from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK - North Korea). It is famous for its performances of revolutionary and folk songs. They have been reported to be one of the country's most popular groups,[1][2][3] although other critics have questioned what it means for a group to be popular in a country where the only music legally available comes from the few state-sanctioned musicians.[4]

The group takes its name from the Battle of Poch'ŏnbo on 4 July 1937, when a guerrilla unit under the leadership of Kim Il-sung attacked compounds of the Japanese occupation force in Poch'ŏnbo.[2]

The Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble can be heard on DPRK radio stations. They have released over 150 CDs as of 2007.[3]

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