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Founded April 2007
Headquarters Vancouver, Canada
Area served Worldwide
Founder(s) Craig Cobb
Owner Craig Cobb
Slogan(s) White Now
Website [1]
Registration Optional (required to upload, rate, and comment on videos)
Launched April 2007
Current status Down

Podblanc is a white supremacist[1] video sharing website. Founder Craig Cobb, an American of partially African ancestry, designed it as an alternative to YouTube, which Cobb calls "Jew Tube" due to its policy of banning racist and anti-Semitic content.[1]


Cobb made a video tribute to Benjamin Nathaniel Smith, a spree killer whom he considers a hero.[1] The most popular video on the site depicts Russian neo-Nazis beheading and shooting Asian immigrants. Videos depicting random attacks on Jews and nonwhites are frequently posted, and the site glorifies such violence.[2]

Keith Luke[edit]

Keith Luke, of Brockton, Massachusetts, was a Podblanc user who, in 2009 at the age of 22, shot to death two Cape Verdean immigrants and attempted to murder a third, whom he also raped.[3] The rape victim was thankful for her teddy bear, which absorbed the bullets Luke fired at her, as well her late sister Selma Goncalves, and God for saving her life.[4] After investigators "searched Luke's van, bedroom, and the victims' apartment," they "found knives, box cutters, a sledgehammer, an ax, ball gags, handcuffs, hammers, a Satanic bible, and three boxes of ammunition."[5][6] He had planned to "kill as many nonwhites as possible" and finish off the killing spree at a synagogue's bingo night. Luke's lawyer hired nationally-known psychiatrist Keith Ablow to conduct a mental health evaluation, which led to Luke assaulting Ablow.[7] After Albow came back to visit the criminal, Luke stated to him that he not only intended to hurt Albow, but that the "last time you [Albow] were here I tried to kill you. And if I had had two minutes longer with you, you’d be dead. But not until the end of the two minutes. I’d want to watch you suffer as long as I could."[7] In 2013 he was convicted and sentenced to two life sentences without parole.[8] While imprisoned, he "carved a swastika into his forehead using a staple" and tried "to kill himself three times".[5] On May 12, Luke successfully committed suicide and "was pronounced dead in a Worcester hospital on Monday, after two days on life support."[9] Luke's mother stated that her son "started to change" from being "a happy kid" after "she rented the movie Faces of Death for him at the age of eight, which she stated caused the "light in his eyes" to go out and become "replaced by anger, misery, and hopelessness".[10] Luke had told police that he developed his white supremacist views largely by reading internet site such as Podblanc.[2]


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